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Strange Web Searches

WordPress tells you the searches that people have made to find your blog. Some of these are quite interesting, because they are very telling about what people are looking for. This can help to see whether people are getting the answers they want. Some are just funny! I thought I would look at a few of them. I have not capitalised the searches, most people use lower case on google. yahoo, etc.

Common search strings that I think I address

These have links to the pages which I believe answer them.

Common search strings that I don’t address

New Look to Site

I have changed the wordpress blog theme to the MistyLook theme, and added a custom header. I think it looks more professional, is easier to read and more relaxing than the standard Kubrick theme. It is also more relaxing and more in keeping with the mood I want to create.

Changing themes was dead easy, I am really impressed with the usability of wordpress. You pick a theme, preview your site with the new theme and then make customisations to it. The Header includes a picture of my Mandir, some of the murtis and a nice Nataraja picture that I liked.