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Two more Blogs

Thanks to “curious” to alerting me to the Barefoot Justine blog, and to Shiva Setep-en Het-Heru for alerting me to The Los Perspective.


The barefoot Justine Blog

The barefoot Justine Blog

Barefoot Justine is a veteran illustrator  and author of graphic novels whose work has appeared in DC Comics, Dungeons & Dragons products and numerous other publications. She describes herself as a Hindu, and writes:

For years I had been lost to agnosticism and had sought relief in Taoism, Buddhism, revisited Christianity, and had eventually given up on spirituality altogether. I was no longer seeking, then, quite unexpectedly I was called by Lord Shiva. Here is where I will tell that story and share those thoughts. Om Namah Shivaya!

Her blog includes many of her illustrations, including Hindu-related images. I have added this blog to my list of blogs by Western converts to Hinduism.


The los Perspective Blog

The los Perspective Blog

The Los perspective is a very professional looking blog by an Argentine-American follower of Wicca who is heavily influenced by Hinduism. It is worth browsing the Hinduism category and the Wicca/Pagan category to get a feeling of the diverse influences on the blogger, who describes himself as a “Shivaist Wiccan”.

I have added this blog to my list of blogs by Westerners influenced by Hinduism.

Why don’t you follow the Celtic religion?

Picture of neo-druids in their robes at Stonehenge

Neo-druids at Stonehenge

Lalitaditua, asked me in a comment “why don’t I follow the Celtic religion?” It is clear from his comments and his blog articles that he does not like Westerners following  Sanatana Dharma, which he sees as “turning their backs on their own religion and culture”. At the time I gave the quick response that I am on the path of Shiva, and know that this is the path I am meant to be on. I will expand on this a little more, because in a way I feel that I am following the tradition of my ancestors.

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