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Chinmaya e-vedanta course

Last week I completed the Chinmaya International Foundation’s “Foundation Level” e-vedanta course. The course consists of 12 monthly lessons. At the end of each month there is a set of questions, and these are sent to the acharya at CIF for marking. The course is quite challenging, as in addition to the lessons a sādhana, or discipline is recommended. At a cost of $100 for a whole year of study it is excellent value – at the time I registered this was £50.

The course was very informative, describing the basics of Hindu Vedantic philosophy. It has enabled me to understand many terms and discussions and the discipline of regular spiritual practice has helped me advance spiritually. The only minor criticism of the course material is that sanskrit words are not shown in IAST or an equivalent, or in Devanāgarī. This means that I don’t know how to pronounce some of the terms I learned, and it led to me being confused by thinking that mālā (prayer beads) and mala (impurity) were two meanings of the same word!

Though I would recommend the course as an introduction to Hinduism and Vedanta, I will not be taking the advanced course. There are several reasons for this. Continue reading

Who is Shiva?

Lord Shiva is the great God, more than I could imagine. Perfect love, truth. The eternal creator, sustainer and destroyer. The one who veils us in ignorance and allows us the delight of lifting the veils. The simple lord, who is infinitely grateful for a seconds prayer from a devotee, though he is deserving of an eternity of praise. The one who will redeem all. The true consciousness and true self in every living thing. He is the whole universe, a whole universe for every atom in the universe and more yet he knows all. He is the light and the darkness. He is master of the physical, the mental and the spiritual. He is the giver of all, and the taker of all that is not real and eternal.

Aum Namah Shivaya!