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Inspiring “Hinduism Today” Article: The Mauritian Miracle

Hinduism Today

Hinduism Today

I recently read a really inspiring article in Hindusim Today. It is a story about the growth and transformation of the Hindu community in Mauritius. Here is the introduction:


The Mauritian Miracle

How the Hindus of Mauritius uplifted themselves, transformedtheir nation and became models for the world


It has been my joy and that of my fellow Mauritians to be part of a dynamic revival of Hinduism in my country. The changes, positive and deep, affect our Hindu community and even our nation. Looking back 30 years, we see amazing change–a miraculous event, I am tempted to say. What began with an initiative from the Hindu Mauritian population was shaped by an energetic response by holy men and flourished with the blessings of our Gods.

The story is particularly inspiring to me because Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva) one of the Gurus from the lineage of the Kailasa Parampara, of the Nandinatha Sampradaya played a pivotal roll in this transformation. This is my lineage, and I have met  Gurideva’s successor, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, my guru. The article can be read online as text, downloaded as a large (publishing quality) PDF,  or purchased as a paper magazine. The quality of the paper version makes it worth having in my opinion.

People who have read my blog  for a while will notice how the Nandinata Sampradaya has gone from being “An organisation I am studying with”, through “An organisation that I am following” to “my lineage”. I am not sure that I know what this means fully, but it has come naturally and I am happy with it!

Aum Shivaya!

Worshipers of Shiva

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

I have been looking at the way various different worshipers view Shiva as God. This is only one aspect of the differences, worshipers may have different practices, traditions and emphasise worship, medditation or jnana (learning and understanding). In trying to prepare this post I have discovered one thing, wordpress does not do tables well. I have therefore put the table into this post as an image, and made it available as a pdf file. The table looks at various groups worshiping Shiva and how Shiva relates to various Hindu views of God. These views are explained as follows:


Ishwara is God as the great lord. This is God the supreme controller, but is a personal God.


Brahman is God in the absolute, omnipresent form of God, often described as the Cosmic Spirit, or Paramatman (Supreme Soul). Brahman can not be related to by bhakti or devotion but reached and experienced through meditation.

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