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The Pope’s Visit to the UK

Pope Benedict xvi

I have mixed feelings about the Pope’s visit to the UK, which ended last Saturday. His visit can be seen in two very different ways; as a visit of a holy man to his devotees or as a visit to the UK of the head of an evangelical outreach organisation.

Seeing the pope as a  man visiting his followers, I can be pleased for them having the spiritual  experience. I know that this can be a great spiritual experience and a coming together of a spiritual community. I know from my meeting with Satguru Bodhinata Veylanswami what the visit of a spiritual leader can mean for devotees. I hope that this visit will help Catholic Christians on their spiritual task. A wise man at our local Mandir told me that the time of the Pope’s visit was not the time to bring up differences, out of respect for Catholics seeing this as a spiritual visit.

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