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Sunset and the eternity of the moment

Sunset from our garden 2008

I have been a little remiss in blogging recently. I started this post a few days ago, various issues at work took my mind of finishing it.

A while ago I was thinking about a lottery. It was a roll-over week that has a big payout, with a jackpot of about £17 million pounds. I had some unexpected bills, and I couldn’t help thinking that it would be nice to win enough money to pay these off immediately. The Nandinatha Sutras forbid gambling, but intellectually I started to justify placing a bet. I thought that if Shiva let me have a really big win I could do something good with it, build a temple, donate to charities, all sorts of things. Surely this wouldn’t be wrong! Perhaps this Sutra was for people who had gambling problems and who would be selfish with the winnings. It’s amazing how your mind can start to justify what you want to do as being the right thing to do.

Siva’s devotees are forbidden to indulge in gambling or games of chance with payment or risk, even through others or for employment. Gambling erodes society, assuring the loss of many for the gain of a few. Aum.

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