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Happy Mahāshirvātri everyone

I’m not doing a long post today, so here is a leaflet about MahaShivratri:

Mahasivaratri, Shiva’s Great Night

Mahasivratri and the silver leaves

Our mandir celebrated mahashivratri last Friday. It was a wonderful event, just being with so many people worshipping Lord Shiva filled my heart with gladness. We could feel the shakti (holiness) in the temple tangibly. In the temple we were given some small silver foil leaves.

Silver leaves

Each silver foil piece takes the form of three leaves, and each leaf is embossed with the Panchakshara (“ॐ नमः शिवाय” or “Aum Namah Shivaya”). At the time I did not know the significance of these silver leaves. I asked a friend who said that he thought they were to take home and put on your home shrine, which I did. I then asked about the significance of the leaves on an online group for people following the Himalayan Academy Master Course.

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