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A Western Hindu following the Shakti Path

The colourful site "Adorations to Amma"

Having previously written about Western followers of Hinduism choosing different paths, I was interested to receive a comment from another Westerner who is following the Shakti path of Mātā Amritanandamayī Devī, known as Amma, the hugging saint.

Stacy, or “Amma’s Child” has created an amazing page dedicated to Amma. It is easy to see the depth of her devotion to Kālī Mā (mother Kali), and Amma her Satguru. Part of her comment on this site says:

When I read up on this Goddess, Kali felt very familiar to me, like someone I already knew. Once I chanted her mantra “om kali ma”, I felt my heart go deeper, aching for her more.

This feeling of familiarity, already knowing what you are reading for the first time, is something I experienced also. Often when reading Saivite Scriptures I feel that it is just reminding me of something that I already know in my heart. Continue reading