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After the Mumbai Attacks – Are Muslims still friends to Hindus?

I wrote the article “Muslims, friends of Hindus” before the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. These attacks were really shocking. Though they happened in Mumbai they could have happened in almost any city; in the UK, America or almost anywhere. Now that this method of attack has been tried there is a very real possibility that it will be used elsewhere in the world. The level of inhumanity was chilling. One sentence that left me near to tears was from the BBC news:

“My husband was behind me and all of a sudden gunfire broke out in the corridor and they had executed a six-year-old in front of his parents.”

So, after this can I still be hopeful about Muslim and Hindu relations? Some bloggers that I respect point out how many Muslims won’t unconditionally condemn the attacks, instead giving a half apology and then trying to justify them. Continue reading