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Losing our wisdom in a sea of information

We are overwhelmed with information on Hinduism

Today I read a quote from “Choruses from the Rock” by T. S. Elliot. “. The quote was from the “New Scientist” magazine, accompanying an article about the overwhelming amount of data at our fingertips. This made me think about all the information available on the web about Hinduism. Is the knowledge getting lost in this information? I will answer this with an illustration.

Imagine someone who was very interested in farms and farming, but had never done so. He might spend ages reading up on all the crops, be able to identify each one, and could just look at a tractor and tell you the engine size, make, power and year of manufacture. This person has a lot of information about farming, but little real knowledge. He would be unlikely to produce a good harvest if he was put in charge of a farm without help.

Someone else might have been brought up on a farm, know when to plant the seeds, when to harvest and how to plough, reap, and sow. He has real knowledge, and can actually run a farm, even though he may not be able to tell you as much about different makes of tractor as the first guy. Continue reading