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As Hindus we can be light hearted

Clay Ganeshas for Ganesh Chaturthi

Some of you might have noticed that I have changed the rating images from stars to images of Ganesha. When you rate a post, comment or page you will be blessed with an image of Shri Ganesha. For those of you who are interested in the technicalities of changing the image, or who would like to use these images themselves I have described how to do this on my technical blog.

While looking at these images of our endearing Lord, it occurred to me that Hinduism is probably unique among the major religions in that we can do this. I doubt if many Christians would use images of Jesus for post ratings, and a Muslim would risk severe consequences for doing the same with Muhammad.

In my opinion God and the Devas encompass everything in life. They can be mysterious, awesome, majestic, and even intimidating. They can also be playful, funny, and endearing. Perhaps this is something that other religions lose site of.

om gam ganapataye namaha

Images created from existing images from Wikimedia and the Open Clipa Art Library, which are in the public domain. These are available for use under the Creative Commons attribution license. The actual ratings images are released into the public domain and free for any use, see my technical blog page.