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I now have a complete Hindu name, Tāṇḍava Nadesan

Shiva at the centre of samsara

I previously wrote about receiving my Hindu first name, Tandava. Well, I have now received the second name. Bodhinatha could wanted to wait until I had chosen my first name rather than Satguru choosing both together to ensure that they both went well together.

Hinduism has no rule about  choosing a Hindu name, but the Himalayan Academy recommends it as part of the spiritual journey. Bodhinatha Veylanswami gave me a choice of three suitable second names, and after some contemplation I selceted Nadesan.

Nadesan is a Tamil name for Shiva as the Lord of the cosmic dance of creation and destruction. In devanagari it is written नदेसन्.  The names together, Tāṇḍava Nadesan, have a pleasing sound. The meanings mesh too, for me it gives the impression of spiraling in from samsara, the changing universe, to God at the centre. This represents the spiritual journey we are all making.

Aum Shivaya
Tāṇḍava Nadesan (ताण्डव नदेसन्)

Image from flicr and tagged with the creative commons license.