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Anna is now Shiva Setep-en Het-Heru. What does “following Sanatana Dharma” mean?

The laketi kamaat blog

The laketi blog

I received a message from Anna, who was the author of the Divya jñāna blog. She said that she is no longer practising  Sanatana Dharma, though she is still a devotee of Shiva. She is now using the name Śivā Setep-en Het-Heru, which for convenience I will shorten to Shivheru (this seems etymologically correct, it is combining the name Shiva with Heru).

She did not know whether I would want to remove her blog now that she was following an eclectic path rather than a purely Hindu one. Her Divya jñāna blog now directs followers to her new blog, Laketi. I have not decided whether to remove her blog, but this raises the broader question, what is “following Sanatana Dharma”?

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