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Why I will not respond to the second "Christian" post soon.

I have recently started studying the Chinmaya Mission e-vedanta foundation course. I hope this course will help spiritual development and to enable me to become closer to God.

Recently I received two angry posts from someone claiming to be an Indian Christian. I thought that just in case someone believed the comments in his letters I should analyse them and show the false information and gaps in the logic. I got around to posting an analysis of the first message, and intended to do the same for the second message. The Chinmaya course has made me consider my relationship with the world and motivations. I realised that while it could be the right thing to post an analysis like the first one, it would only be right if done through love. The action should be filled with concern that the post might misguide people, together with a loving concern for the misguided poster, and hope that he can step away from the path of hate.

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