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Well, at least there are the railways…

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Locomotive 780

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Locomotive 780

I can’t remember where I heard it, but I had read somewhere and believed that despite the obvious exploitation of India under the British Raj, there were two lasting positive legacies; the education system and the railways.

A couple of days ago someone on facebook someone mentioned Thomas Babington Macaulay as responsible for severely damaging the Indian education system. I had not heard of him, and I was told about an article in Hinduism today that described his attitudes towards Indian culture and the changes he implemented in India. This totally changed my opinion of the effect that the British Empire had on education in India.

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Review – Hindu Children in our Schools, Their Culture and Background

This ia a review of a booklet that I was fortunate enough to be given by its author, Mr Johar. It may seem silly to review a booklet that is not generally available, but I am following my feeling that it may be useful to someone. I have often found that things tend to come into people’s hands at a time they are needed, so I will follow my intuition and review this booklet.

The booklet of about 25 pages was written by Mr Johar Ji when he was a teacher on secondment to Bradford and Ilkley College (now incorporated into Bradford College), in 1984. It was intended to give teachers a background in Hinduism and the Hindu community so they would understand Hindu children in their classes. It does that and much more. Continue reading