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For UK readers – I’ve just given 76 pence to Sewa International

image showing 76p donation to give as you live

At this point you’re probably thinking “whoopy doo, the last of the big philanthropists!”; giving 76 pence doesn’t sound that impressive but please read on.  The reason I want to tell you about this is that this particular 76 pence was given without any cost to me. All I dis was my normal online shopping, but I used a browser plugin from give as you live which uses merchant company’s affiliate programs to raise money for charities. They have plugins for IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers and shopping online at Amazon, lastminute.com, B&Q, Debenhams, John Lewis, M&S, Tesco, and many more will earn money.

Click the red button to give while shopping online

Click the red button to give while shopping online

You don’t even have to remember the stores; when you browse to a supported store a header saying “Click to turn on Give as you Live”. If you click this and continue shopping then the store will donate a small amount for every purchase.

Though I chose Sewa International, the registered charity behind Sewa UK, the program allows donations to any UK registered charity.

Now 76 pence may not seem much, but even that can do a lot in many parts of the world. And by the time Christmas is over that could be a couple of pounds. I hope that ten readers will also decide to give to charity – if so we are talking about £20 or so going to charity which would not have done so otherwise. If they pass this on to their friends and family too – then this could raise a serious amount of money.

If you are not in the UK

Does your country have any similar schemes to raise money from online purchases? If so please leave a comment and let me know – it may help other people to find ways to raise money.