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The Shiva Tandava Stotra

Tandava, Shiva's cosmic dance.

I wanted to share this transtation of the Shiva Tandava Stotra. This translation and the original Sanskrit are available on the Sanskrit Documents Site.

It is said to have been written by Ravana, who was granted indestructibility by Shiva. After rampaging across the Earth Ravana realises that this is not the route to happiness, and returns and asks Shiva for moksha. This Stotra is Ravana’s praise for Shiva and pleading for moksha (the two verses starting “When will I be happy …?”)

With his neck, consecrated by the flow of water flowing from the
thick forest-like locks of hair, and on the neck, where the lofty snake
is hanging garland, and the Damaru drum making the sound of
Damat Damat Damat Damat, Lord Siva did the auspicious dance of
Tandava and may He shower prosperity on us all.
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