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Do Hindus see God as personal or impersonal

Shiva as Ishvara the personal God

Shiva as Ishvara the personal God

A lot of people seem to think that all Hindus see God as ultimately impersonal.  Most Hindus see God as primarily personal, though possibly having transcendent or impersonal aspects.

I am currently studying with the Himalayan Academy, who believe that Shiva has both personal and impersonal aspects, but is primarily our personal God Continue reading

Worshipers of Shiva

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva

I have been looking at the way various different worshipers view Shiva as God. This is only one aspect of the differences, worshipers may have different practices, traditions and emphasise worship, medditation or jnana (learning and understanding). In trying to prepare this post I have discovered one thing, wordpress does not do tables well. I have therefore put the table into this post as an image, and made it available as a pdf file. The table looks at various groups worshiping Shiva and how Shiva relates to various Hindu views of God. These views are explained as follows:


Ishwara is God as the great lord. This is God the supreme controller, but is a personal God.


Brahman is God in the absolute, omnipresent form of God, often described as the Cosmic Spirit, or Paramatman (Supreme Soul). Brahman can not be related to by bhakti or devotion but reached and experienced through meditation.

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