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Another blog by a Western Hindu: the Rāja Haṃsah blog

Rāja Haṃsah

Rāja Haṃsah blog

Thanks to the commenter ‘S’ for pointing out this blog by a Westerner.

This blog by Ananda is an extended study and comentary on the Aparokshānubhuti , a short text by Ādi Śaṅkara. He says that he will be “presenting what, in my opinion, are the most relevant verses as an aid to self-inquiry. I have added  it to my page of blogs by Western devotees of Sanātana dharma.

Another Western Hindu Blog: Hilltop Anthology

The Hilltop Anthology blog (screenshot)

The Hilltop Anthology blog

The Hilltop Antholoy is  personal blog is the story of the spiritual journey of a woman in Kentucky. The blog conveys thoughts and ideas in a poetic style.

I have added this blog to my page listing blogs by Western followers of Sanātana Dharma.  I have also moved The Accidental Hindu blog from the “not yet classified” section to the Neo-Hinduism section. After clarification from T.A.H. I have moved The Accidental Hindu to the Smarta section.


I was very surprised and honoured to find that this blog has been chosen as one of The Chakra’s Top Ten Hindu Blogs. There are so many excellent blogs on the web that can’t help feeling that this is undeserved. It will … Continue reading

A “Western Hindu” blog removed; regret and celebration.

The Shatkona blogI have just had to remove a blog from my page describing blogs by Westerners following Hinduism. The author of the blog recently posted that he felt that his heart was not in Hinduism, and then made it clear that he is no longer following Sanatana Dharma in a post “Charting a New Course“. He intends to keep many elements of Hinduism but primarily return to Christianity.

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Return of “The Shatkona” blog by another Western Hindu

The Shatkona - A Westerner On The Hindu Path

The Shatkona blog

I am very pleased to tell you about the return of “The Shatkona“, a blog from a fellow follower of the Kailasa Parampara of the Nandinatha Sampradaya. The blog was previously deleted by the author, and therefore removed from my list of blogs by Westerners following Hinduism. It is now back with a number of interesting articles.

The author had stopped blogging due to the illness and death of a close relative, which he writes about on the blog. I am happy that he is now able to move on and continue his blog.

Another blog by a Western follower of Hinduism

theyuha blog

I have added another blog to my Westerners Following Hinduism page.

This blog is by Daniel, a Western follower of Amma. He used to practice Catholicism and in addition to his Hindu blog theyuha he has another blog Catholicism where he tries to correct wrong teachings about Hinduism within the Catholic church.

A page for other Western Hindus

There are Westerners following sampradayas in the Saiva, Shakti, Vaishnava, Smarta, and Neo-Hindu sects.

I have come across a number of blogs by other Western followers of Hinduism, and I thought that putting a page listing them by sect would be a useful resource. I chose a page rather than a post because I see this as something that will develop over time rather than a journal entry. The page can be accessed by the “Westerners Following Hinduism” tab below the header image.