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Another Western Hindu Blog – Divya jñāna

Screenshot of the divya jñāna blog

The Divya jñāna blog

Divya jñāna is a blog by an African American ex-Christian blogger Anna. She is very new to Sanatana Dharma, but judging from the list of books that she has either read or is reading she is learning fast.

Among other things she has written about how meditation has helped her with PTSD, and how she came to find the path of Sanatana Dharma – by googling Buddhism!

I will add this blog to my list of blogs by Western followers of Hinduism.

Another blog by a Western Hindu – Sons of Gods: The Mahabharata

Sons of Gods: The Mahabharata blog

The author of this blog, Aruna Sharan, left a comment om my post “Not all Western Hindus are white Hindus”, telling me about her blog.

She is a is a black Hindu who grew up in Guyana, South America, and a follower of path is Vedanta Advaita, as taught by Ramana Maharshi. The blog is mainly about her monumental effort to produce an English version of the Mahābhārata story. She is aiming to produce a version  which  will be  “a book the length of an average novel, a continuous story distilled down to its vital essence but dramatised so as to captivate the reader, with living, breathing characters, spiritually alive and written in an accessible style yet retaining the powerful spirit of the original”.  Continue reading

Not all Western Hindus are white Hindus

… and not all Hindus from non-Hindu cultures are Western Hindus

Picture of Ricky Williams,  running back for the Baltimore Ravens and Western Hindu

Ricky Williams, running back for the Baltimore Ravens and Western Hindu

On average three or four times a week someone follows a link in my article “Some famous Western Hindus” to the Wikipedia entry for Ricky Williams. Ricky is an  an American football running back, playing for the Baltimore Ravens. Though three or four clicks does not sound like much, it is higher than the clicks on most other minor links in old articles.  I can’t help wondering how many of those clicks are from other non-white Western Hindus, or non-white Westerners looking into the rich heritage of Hinduism and wondering if it is open to them.

Ricky Williams is far from the only non-white Western Hindu. A while ago I received an email from the author of “The Accidental Hindu” blog. She is a black Western Hindu from the West Indies, and I can highly recommend her blog. Another Western Hindu blog, the Yatra is run by a Latino Hindu in the USA.

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Another blog by a Western Hindu – The Accidental Hindu

The Accidental Hindu blog

A while ago I had a message from someone saying “not all Western Hindus are white Hindus”. I was going to write something about this (and I still might) but in the meantime the sender of that message has started her own blog, “The Accidental Hindu“.

She was born in the West Indies, and describes herself as a black Hindu. She writes under the name T.A.H, and describes her spiritual path from a Catholic and Seven Day Adventist  upbringing to Hinduism. Like me she has visited other faiths on the way! She mentions feeling at home with vedanta philosophy, so I think that her blog probably belongs in the smarta section, but I will leave it in the “Blogs Yet to be Classified” section until I have read more. She has a very clear and readable writing style, making her story easy to read.  I have added the blog to my page of blogs by Westerners Following Hinduism.