Comment Policy

This is my blog, and I have the final word on which comments will be published. This comment policy describes the criteria I use in deciding whether to publish a comment. I post the vast majority of comments that I receive unedited, though there are some comments that I have to edit and some which I choose not to publish.

  1. This blog is intended for general readership of people of all ages. Any comment that contains “adult” content will be edited or will not be published.
  2. If I edit any comment I will make it clear what has been edited and why. I will never edit a comment so that it appears to be saying something different to what the author intended.
  3. Comments should be your own, though they may include short  quotes that would be considered “fair use” in copyright terms. If you do include a quote please make it clear that this is a quote and where it comes from.
  4. My whole blog is released under the Creative Commons “Share Alike” license. By posting a comment on this blog you are deemed to have release comments under the same license. You retain copyright but people may quote or reuse the material for non-commercial purposes.
  5. If you have a lot to say consider writing your own blog article and putting a short comment with a link or a pingback. You can start a free blog at or many other hosted blog sites.
  6. All spam comments (comments intended as an advert for a site or product) will be rejected. WordPress’s spam filtering will remove most of these automatically but I will remove the rest.
  7. I am not obliged to publish any comment, and may choose not to do so if I feel that it is off-topic or goes directly against the purposes of this blog.

2 responses to “Comment Policy

  1. I crack my head like nutshell to find good way to explain epic Ramayana story in simple and cute to new generation kids.

    Final I got good video from You-tube and have thought to share with you all.

    Enjoy !

    [Tandava: Embedded video replaced with link]

    If you like this video please send to more friends……………

    మీ ప్రసాదు.

  2. I love hinduism. It is a true religion started with humanity. If we are good human beings we are also Hindus. jai shree krishna.

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