Another Western Hindu blog: Writings from the Banks of Mother Ganga

screensht from blog: Writings from the Banks of Mother Ganga

blog: Writings from the Banks of Mother Ganga

A comment left a while ago told me about this bog,  Writings from the Banks of Mother Ganga.

The blog is written by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, an American woman now living in Rishikesh. She is a devotee of Chidanand Saraswati, and spends most of her time in sewa and meditation. She writes comprehensively and informatively of her life in the ashram.

I enjoyed her greatly evocative account of how Mother Ganga rose and burst her banks, and the mixture of awe, devotion and fear that those present for this terrible but magnificent spectacle felt. I have added her blog to my list of blogs by other Western Hindus.


6 responses to “Another Western Hindu blog: Writings from the Banks of Mother Ganga

  1. Jayshree S. Rao

    Sadviji, like yourself and other western Hindu are inspiring. Thank you! Used to see her everyday on Aastha channel at 6.30, i think; a soulful Ganga aarti led by Muninji, swami Chidananda Sarawati – longtime friend of Gurudeva and the monks, on the banks of the river facing a glorious, huge and extremely beautiful Siva in meditation and the Parmath Niketan Ashram in the background.

    The huge Siva murti was dragged away into the Ganges following heavy rains and melting of snow from the Himalayan range. Remember seeing it televised early 2011, during my stay in India.

  2. Is it that bramha vishnu mahesh ( electron neutron proton)????

  3. Dear Tandava,hi and namaste.
    you have been very quiet these past few months, hope everything is fine there in Bradford ( I lived in England in 90s, a beautiful nation indeed).. Also i have this perennial trouble with opening ‘view posts by western hinuds’ link you generously included in your home page. (Yes, I do hit ‘enter’ key it works sometimes). Cheers.

  4. Great work Sadhvi Bhagwati. Its great to see so many people from west are coming forward to Save mother Ganga. We are also trying to spread Vedic knowledge through our small effort. Read here the amazing concept of God and Moksha through mathematics

  5. From one point of view, Hindus proud that famous foreighners became Hindu, from other – some important Hindu temples in India are not allow to enter Hindus of non-Indian (western) origin, like Jagannath in Puri, Mahabaleshwar in Gokarna, Krishna temple in Guruvayur, Vishnu temple in Trichy and some others have plates “foreighners not allowed” on doors, and even if you are following Hinduism but have white skin – you not be able to pray in such temples. Indian media should write about this shameful racism of Bramins of these temples. How to promote Sanatana Dharma Worldwide and keep such skin colour segregation in Hindu temples in India?

  6. Being a “Ganga Kinare wala” I feel always very blessed. Lots of Pooja-abhishekam vidhi happen near the bank of river ganga. The Holi gangama is not only the river but a really a mother who feed us with lots of natural waters, a good environment, accept our bad work and purify us with holy water.

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