Another Western Hindu blog: The Light Club (and a correction)

The Light Club blog

The Light Club blog

The commenter “curious”  alerted me to the “Light Club” blog by Philip Miner.

Philip is an American who came to Hinduism through his encounter with Shre Shri Ravi Shankar at the Art of Living Foundation. He started meditation and yoga to help with depression, this proved to be the start of a spiritual journey. I can recommend the article “On (Not) Being a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake“, which explains the title of his blog and describes the start of his path to Hinduism.

A correction

I had incorrectly attributed the blog “Why I love Hinduism” to a guest author. I have now corrected this, the blog owner and author is Jura Nanuk.

5 responses to “Another Western Hindu blog: The Light Club (and a correction)

  1. Hi, this is Phillip Miner. I wanted to give you a quick thanks for highlighting my blog! I’ll write more later, but I wanted to thank you while I had some spare time. Namaste!

  2. Thanks Tandava. Few months ago I did leave a messag for Philip too, telling him about this lil online community .. but I guess I may have been mistaken for a spammer.

    Good to see new names on the blogroll!

  3. No worries, folks. I am just happy we have few more connected minds now. Such blogs of individual journey also help others in their own quests.

    Thanks much, again.

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