Another Western Hindu blog: Why I love Hinduism

The "Why I love Hinduism" blog

The “Why I love Hinduism” blog

The Why I love Hinduism blog is by Jura Nanuk, an American with Eutopean and Native American ancestry. He writes of seeing a picture of MahaVishnu:

I saw a picture of Mahā-Viṣṇu reclining on the Causal Ocean emanating universes from his pores, and for me it was the moment when all the Western science I studied came together with all the complex imagery I had seen.

He appears to have  a vedic philosophy with a vaishnava outlook. I have only just started reading his comprehensive blog.

11 responses to “Another Western Hindu blog: Why I love Hinduism

  1. Hari Om ❤ I love this blog so very much, thank you for directing us to it.

  2. Few months back I’d also commented about another Western Hindu blog:

    From what I’ve read, he’s an American who switched to the HIndu faith ….

  3. We are putting a magazine together called “Daily Sadhana “.Would you be interested in writing an article for us ?The magazine Is due out the first week in October 2013.We would a western Hindu story and it will be in paper form and distributed all over the uk .

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  5. Just stumbled upon another western hindu blog I must have bookmarked a long time ago:

    Blog is by an American who calls herself a Hindu. Quite an interesting blog!

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  8. Thank you. Though I was born as a Hindu, just like many others i have never really paid great attention to it., Your blog has redirected my attention to know more about Hinduism. May god bless you for that.

  9. Sometime back I heard that all that we see is a dream of lord Vishnu. It is written somewhere in Vishnu Mahapuran. Quite incredible it sounds at times.

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