Another Western Hindu blog: Indian love story

The Indian Love Story blog

The Indian Love Story blog

Lauren left a comment saying: “I am also a white British Hindu. I am married and living in India”.

Her blog “Indian love story” (now renamed “English Wife, Indian Life“) tells the story of personal journey of her and her husband.

This is a very romantic story. She writes

“India instantanously felt like home, probably because home is where the heart is…

True love has no boundaries

I have added this blog to my page “Westerners following Hinduism“.

Other Blog News

I have decided to make a separate page for blogs by Westerners influenced by Hinduism. I have moved two blogs from the “Westerners following Hinduism” page here. I think that both sets of blogs are worth listing but should be kept seperate.

11 responses to “Another Western Hindu blog: Indian love story

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog on your blog 🙂

  2. pls check this link
    PLS dont shrink the link below
    Church built like temple w/ theee head Jesus’s idol. shows 3 headed jesus
    probably to appropriate hinduism/fool hindus
    [Tandava: inline link replaced]

  3. Chistianity has become an advertising campaign I see.

  4. There are so many of us now! 😀

  5. Hello Western Hindu!!
    I would like to let you know the name of my blog has changed to English Wife, Indian Life.

    I hope you are well!!

    Take care and hope you are having a happy new year

  6. Hello to everybody…jay shambhoo !!!

  7. Saral Govt Jobs

    I have a similar blog. Please read on,

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