UK Statsang group

The  Satsang Group

The Satsang Group

The followers of the Nandinatha Sampradaya’s master course are spread out  over the UK. This means that we rarely see each other. Over the last few years there have been email discussions about the possibility of meeting, nothing actually happened until Ramai, a master-course student, arranged a group Satstang. She says that the event organised itself, but she was certainly the catalyst that made it happen.

One of the founders of the UK Venkateswara temple in Birmingham, Dr Rao is very respectful of the Nandinatha Sampradaya, and allowed us to use temple buildings on the Venkateswara temle site for our Satsang. This was the ideal location, as people from the North of England, South of England and Wales can all reach Birmingham and return in a day. 

The meeting stated with an archana to Gamesha, and followed with chanting the names of Ganesha, mantras, reading and discussions. We had a bonus that Dr Rao, who had met Gurudeva on two occasions and told us about these meetings. With the vivid descriptions and the spiritual atmosphere I could almost feel that I was there with Gurudeva myself.

I won’t write about the discussions or readings, that was something that should be kept to the Satsang. I will say that there was a deep spiritual feeling and a sharing and respect between devotees. The satsang was an oasis of clarity and calm, that had a lasting affect. I will certainly attend future Satsangs


9 responses to “UK Statsang group

  1. I have a very good friend who was a friend to Gurudeva and everytime we speak it is as if i am with him. So i truly know what you are talking about. Sometimes it makes me cry to hear the stories and his words. So fortunate you are to also have someone as this in your life. It just shows how much a hand of Bhajavan he was to have his words still hold so much. A truly enlightened Being.
    Hari Om ❤

  2. That’s excellent. I’m happy to know you had that opportunity and I hope you have many more in future.

  3. Hello. I’ve just started the Master Course and look forward to the time that I can meet others in the UK on the same path. I’m glad it was such a good experience for you. It’s hard for me to imagine ever chanting the names of Ganesha correctly, but I’m practising!

  4. You have not written much about about murugan / kartikeya & nandinatha traditions view on him. It appears they promote Ganesh more. Im not saying iTs wrong but It appears THAT WAY

    • Thanks,
      I don’t think this is down to the nandinatha traditions, Being at the start of my spiritual journey I can clearly see Ganesha, and know Shiva as the end. Murugan in the middle, lord of advanced yoga is not as clear to me. I will think about writing something on him.

  5. Ive just started that course myself, so great to hear people are enjoying it.
    Om Shanti!

  6. Aum … I’m so glad you found the opportunity to get together to share. Sometimes sadhana feels lonely, but when you have the opportunity for satsang in the company of others on a similar path, it is wonderful indeed.

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  8. A “UK Statsang Group” is a great medium to meet all wonderful people and sitting together for sadhanas is an amazing experience.

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