Another Western Hindu blog – jnana.nanda

The jnana.nanda blog

The jnana.nanda blog

The blogger jnanashiva left a comment telling me about her blog, Jana.nanda.

Jjnana shiva describes herself as “a 54 year old woman living in the little big town called Las Vegas Nevada“. She is a follower of Kashmiri Saivism. Her colourful blog illustrates as well as describes her spiritual journey.

In addition to this blog she has a poetry blog, spanda.nanda, in which which her poetry shows her level of spiritual devotion and love to Lord Shiva.

I have added her blog to my page listing blogs by western converts to Hinduism.

6 responses to “Another Western Hindu blog – jnana.nanda

  1. please write something about controversy seeking hindus in the western world like RAJAN ZED

  2. A very beautiful blog! ty ❤

  3. har har mahadev, kashmir shaivism of abhinav gupta is very rich in kula rituals. i hope you learn the kula rituals too.
    drake brake

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my blog, and for the kind comments regarding it. I have blogged in the past, but my current blog about my Hinduism and my spiritual life is very active, and I am enjoying this outlet for my writing and visual creativity! Mostly, thank you for your service through your blog, which I have found to be a common link between many new connections. Thanks again, Jnana.

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