An interesting blog – A Modern Hindu Reveals

A screenshot of the "A Modern Hindu Reveals" blog

“A Modern Hindu Reveals” blog

I recently received an email from “Shree”, a Hindu in Singapore, who has just started a new blog “A Modern Hindu Reveals

Shree was inspired by my article “Questioning your faith“, and the “Modern Hindu Reveals”  blog certainly tackles some controversial issues and comes to thoughtful conclusions. Even if you disagree with the views expressed you will understand how Shree has come to them through genuine thought and  compassion.

I particularly enjoyed the post “The Demigod Paradox“, which explains why devotees of guardians, local Gods, and other Gods that are sometimes considered as inferior or on a lesser path. This post reminded me of Kāmya’s  pure devotion to Indra.  Kāmya is the author of the “Ridiculously reverent” blog, and her devotion makes it is clear to me that this is her true and best path.

Also, seeing how my blog has been inspirational and maybe influenced someone into starting a great blog themselves, this has encouraged me to try and blog more frequently. It is easy to get out of the habit of blogging regularly and hard to get into again. Often I think that I have nothing to say, but perhaps I am just not taking time to think about what could be interesting to others. With Shri Ganesha’s help I will try to do better.


9 responses to “An interesting blog – A Modern Hindu Reveals

  1. Hari Om,
    Thank you introducing new blog. Read through and wish him much success. Do hope you continue, as you are inclined and inspired. Your postings are always meaningful. Also, think your efforts in turn help keep those who blog that you have listed on side, more on the forefront. We can more easily receive from their offerings as well.
    Guess purpose of writing is as fan letter. Other Portions/Jivas read you and then this takes life of its own on from there, in ways that can not be seen.
    Thank you for this.
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

  2. You have been missed ❤

  3. would like to know
    what does a western hindu like u think of paintings of hindu gods by famous painters like MF HUSSAIN who drew nude & provoking ( sexualised ) drawings but always painted muslim figures in fully chlothed fashion.
    conservative indian hindus are against this kind of art & artists,whats the view of western hindus . can u blog about this minus politics would like to know ur view on this

    • with regards to the post on provocative hindu paintings, the answer to hatred is never hatred. the end goal of being a hindu is union with god, focus on that, and maybe even help others in their own goals, focusing on those trying to provoke your sentiments wont be helpful for your spiritual goals.Ignorant souls do things due to ignorance,let us not do the same. Aum Namah Shivaya..

  4. Indian:- .What MF Hussain did is his hate toward Hindus…What he Painted is Nude Mata Sita Sitting on Hanuman Thigh …Relation b/w Mata Sita and Hanuman is like Mother and Son Relationship….Hussain in One Interview told He paints nude those whom he hate..He once painted Hitler Nude and he has given the same reason..He never painted a nude painting of a Muslims famous figure.So it was kind of Hindu tolerance ..No Hindu had killed him he just got exiled to Qatar…Hindus asked Hussain just one Question..Do he can Paint Mohamad in full dress ..leave Nude pic..

  5. shree here from the blog mentioned.Thanks for doing this, it means alot:)yes blogging is difficult sometimes but i have realized that knowledge that seems commonplace to one person might not be to another.may be you can invite other bloggers in your blogroll to write guest posts every now and then:)Lord Ganesha guide you…Bless..

  6. Sita Shankar.

    Speaking of Ganesha,an interesting interpretation of the Philosophy of Ganesha by Sri Ravishankar.Missed your posts,too. & Thanks for writing about Shree’s blog. I have a blog,too.,which I haven’t even thought about for a very long time! Wish I’m as articulate as all you regular bloggers!

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