Another Blog by a Western Hindu: Rajanaka Sammelana

screenshot of the Rajanaka Sammelana blog

Rajanaka Sammelana blog

Thank you to Dhyan, who left a comment, telling me about this blog.  The Rajanaka Sammelana blog is an established blog by Douglas Brooks, am a professional scholar and a teacher of the traditions of Rajanaka Yoga. He explores the path of Tanric yoga, as taught by Rajanaka Gopalaiyar Sundaramoorthy. He discusses many subjects in depth, including Sanskrit, the Gita, Kashmiri Saivism.

I have added this blog to my list of blogs by Western converts to Hinduism.

8 responses to “Another Blog by a Western Hindu: Rajanaka Sammelana

  1. It is a very lovely blog, ty<3

  2. Lovely blog

  3. rajiv malhotra videos n his channel “breakingindia” on youtube can give good insight on current state of hinduism in india & the west & can see good debates (not zakir naik style)

  4. tandava please watch this video {& many others in rajiv malhotra’ breakingindia channel in youtube} in yt its too long but i think hindus like u who engage in debates(on net) need to know this kind of stuff.

    [Tandava: Inline video replaced by link]

  5. im an indian hindu but for past few years im reading in newspapers etc very bad things for sivalinga as phal… r those things true acc to ur sects philosophy

  6. i think tandava u should edit wikipedia page (bcoz ur english is better) on shivling which relates it to phallus .

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