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Allegra contacted me and told me about her blog, volara. She  is a student at Princeton University and a follower of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.  Gaudiya Vaishnavism is usually associated with ISKCON, and Allegra’s path has taken that direction so far, though there are other linages within this tradition.   She writes about both about her studies and her personal spiritual journey.

She also feels sympathy for Muslims in America and writes about Islam. I know that this is likely to be controversial, but it seems to me that even if Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims victimise Hindus, it does not mean that it is right for Hindus in America  not to be treated equally.

I have added her blog to my list of blogs by Western followers of Hinduism.

13 responses to “Another Blog by a Western Hindu: Volara

  1. I think I’ll have to give it a read. Also, I see no controversy in feeling that all beliefs should get equal treatment. ❤

  2. syamukamath

    Just last month 50 Hindus were kidnapped.
    Many of them were grls, some were raped.
    2 grls were saved, 1 was raped and both were forced to convert to Islam. 48 still missing.
    1000 pakistani Hindu families are living in India as refugees.
    Even in India Hindus are secondary citizens.
    2 have taken US citizenship.

    • I have to say that I would have a lot more sympathy for the Muslims in the west if they complained about the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh or the attacks on Coptic Christians as much as they do about too many Muslims being watched in the West when the security forces are looking for Islamic terrorists, which undoubtedly exist in both America and Europe. I would see the burning of Quran’s as code books as less of an excuse to attack non-Muslims if there was any condemnations of the Muslims who scrawled messages in them also.

      Perhaps this is me not feeling sufficient compassion, as certainly not all Muslims support this type of activity. After all, the vedas teach that everyone has the divine spark within them.

      • Absolutely, the Hindus have been inviting them to condemn terrorism, and had asked Muslim leaders to give fatwas against terrorism.
        Only a section of zufis and a local sectn called mujahid- NOT MUJAHID Terrorist of afghan- are taking anti-terrorist stand.

  3. syamukamath

    I would suggest Hindus in Non- Indian countries shouldn’t create Problems like Minority muslims and christians do here.
    They should be model for how minority integrates into society.

  4. I have my own views regarding how to treat Muslims. There are three types of Muslims. First type consists of those who are Muslims because they took birth in a Muslim family and its their ancestors’ legacy. They have either not Quraan or have read it and have misunderstood it in a way that entails to have compassion for everybody including Kafirs. I have nothing against them except for teaching them to refrain from its correct interpretation of abhorrence for the Kafirs.

    Second type of Muslims are the ones who have read and understood the Quraanic intent and are following it for their reward of Zannat from Allah on the judgement day. They are dangerous for the mankind and others should be careful lest they may be killed or converted to become demons.

    Third type consists of those who are fully convinced with the intents of Quraan but are clever enough to use Taqiyya (seemingly behaving nice to spread Islam and are waiting for an opportune time to devastate the Kafirs). These are the most dangerous and make use of the liberal societies of the west at present and have done so in the past in India for over a millennium.

    Though, I have sympathy for all of the above as I would like to see everybody happy. However, my behavior would be different depending on their type of Muslim. The reason is empowering the second and third types of Muslims means we are enemies of overwhelming majority of human beings, the non Muslims. Treating them equal will help them in decimating a greater number of people, not following their faith. So, in order to protect far greater number of people, we will have to control a few people’s ideology. It’s not people who are themselves bad or good but they are the product of good or bad ideology they subscribe to. Our true compassion to these type of Muslims will be to create a condition in which they discard the ideology called Islam. This necessarily doesn’t mean to apply force. All compassionate people’s responsibility is to come up with an idea to take away this ideology called Islam to save the humanity. In fact I love Muslims the way I love any body else. Just due to love, I want to keep them away from Islam to save them. I don’t consider the Islam in present form a religion at all. The true Islam would have been a religion but this present one is very different from the real one.

    Love to all including the Muslims.


    • Thanks Satyen for reminding me that we should love all.

      I think there is also a very rare fourth type of Muslim. One who knows the Islamic teaching and scriptures but feels the truth in their soul, and know that the teachings are wrong. Maybe Salmaan Taseer was this type of Muslim.

  5. Yes. You are right. Though this fourth type of Muslims are ostensibly Muslims but in effect they are not because they have lost faith in Muhammad and his teachings. We should never forget that believing in Allah only doesn’t make the Muslims any way different than other philanthropists. Problem arises when they start believing in Muhammad and his teachings as the final one. There is no scope of individual’s wisdom and everybody is blinded. In Hinduism, you can apply your wisdom and discard any philosophy provided it’s not against any creature including humanity. That makes us love even the Muslims. However our behavior towards them is not a blind one and we must take action in the interest of larger humanity. The best service to the Muslims is to give them eyes to see what they are doing and free them from this blind following the present form of Islam or anything without applying ones wisdom for that matter. Care should be taken not to hate them in doing so as it will muddle our mind and heart.

    We can start working with these fourth type of Muslims who can come out in open and discard this way of life openly. It will help others to follow suit.

    May God help us to make this world every moment a better place for everybody.

    BTW, today is Holi, the festival of colors. May the ocean of love engulf the whole of universe and its color become indelible on all the human beings.

    Happy Holi.

    • Happy Holi to you too,

      Though this fourth type of Muslims are ostensibly Muslims but in effect they are not because they have lost faith in Muhammad and his teachings.

      Of course they could believe that Muhammad’s teachings were originally correct but corrupted later. Or that they are misinterpreted – I have heard a Muslim who thought that the Hadith was man-made and that the qur’an has a lot of things that were only applicable at the time – and that a lot of the worst stuff was later abrogated.

  6. This is what that we want to hear from them and see in their action too. These Muslims can be considered progressive ones. But usually we Sanatanis consider dharma that transcends time and space. So, essentially Dharma is different from a religion that is like a yug-dharma (specific codes of conduct prescribed for a period of time ).

    Any way, these Muslims are as good as any other people provided they are not applying taqiyya.


  7. There are 3 main examples of why not to be nice to muslims

    1. Prithvi Raj Chauhan, forgave the muslim invader 17 times and on the 18th time lost his battle, lost North India and was beheaded

    2. Gandhi, went on fast in 1947 to prevent retaliatory expulsion of muslims from India. Hindus followed his advice, and now there will be another islamic partition of India within 50 years. The Sikhs in east Punjab did not follow Gandhi’s pleas to be nice to muslims and there has been and will be no more Jihadism in Indian Punjab

    3. India supported Sukarno in his war against the Dutch in 1947, and in 1965, Sukarno joined Pakistan in invading India
    In 1971, India defied the US and liberated Bangladesh, and Bangladesh still ethnic cleanses Hindus

    Sri Ramakrishna in one of his parables, compared giving aid to a muslim as giving aid to a butcher. Meaning not to aid a muslim , as it is a bad karma like giving food to a butcher

    Unfortunately in the west, only the most fundamentalist christians are awake to the threat of islam. The moderates in the west are blind to islam


  9. iits good to see that western people are returning to vedic dharma…

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