Happy Mahāshirvātri everyone

I’m not doing a long post today, so here is a leaflet about MahaShivratri:

Mahasivaratri, Shiva’s Great Night

2 responses to “Happy Mahāshirvātri everyone

  1. I am sorry. There is some problem in posting. I read your leaflet fully and found very informative especially its meaning of Panchakshara. More later.
    Om Namah Sivaya

  2. Mahashivaratri is the festival I love the most. It is huge at Tiruvannamalai; people stay up all night and all night long at Ramanashram people come and go as they do Pradakshina around the Arunachala Hill.

    Arunachala, of course, is worshipped as Shiva Himself!

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