Another Western Hindu Blog: Rolling with Vishnu

Rolling With Vishnu blog

I previously mentioned treadmarkz, and his blog about disability “Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe“. Well, treadmarkz has now started a blog about his spiritual journey in Sanatana Dharma, “Rolling with Vishnu“.

Treadmarkz is a paraplegic devotee of Vishnu. He writes:

My Wheelchair is my chariot and Lord Vishnu is my charioteer as I fight the battles of life.

Treadmarkz is inspired by Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda. I believe that Treadmarkz is doing a service to Hinduism by blogging as a disabled blogger, as many non-Hindus misunderstand karma as blaming people with disabilities for their condition. Nobody should see someone’s condition in this life as a punishment or reward for past karmas. Who is to say that ultimately someone living a life without struggle, when they concentrate on superficial pleasures, isn’t the disadvantaged one.

I have added his blog to my “Westerners Following Hinduism” page, which lists blogs by Western converts to Hinduism.

10 responses to “Another Western Hindu Blog: Rolling with Vishnu

  1. Disability is only for physical body not soul. Karma had been misunderstood as you said. For a self realized person both disabled and not disabled are same.
    I feal great respect for treadmarkz.<3

  2. That is a wonderful observation! Thank you for posting!

  3. I first congratulate Tandava and then Treadmarkz for this pious act. Tandava, your act of encouragement is a great Karma that will go in your list of “Praarabdha” and Treadmarkz should not feel dejected on the disability which is the part of his ‘Sanchita Karmas’. Our actions in this life forms the basis for our ‘Agami Karmas’.

    Hence we must try to take care of our Sanchita and Agami Karmas which are in our own hands that will determine our “Prarabdha” karmas. This is not in our hands as it is the cause celebre of our present life that has to continue its actions.

    However there is a way out like in prison, one has to endure the initial sentence but it can be lightened by our good behavior even inside the prison. At the end, it can be shortened on parole also. Same happens to our prarabdha.

    Our good deeds in this life forms the basis for our “Agami” karmas. In Bhagwadgeeta verse 18.66, Lord Krishna clearly mentions to completely burn our all “Karmas” if one surrenders oneself to His will. It is a great assurance by the Lord.
    God bless

  4. I contacted my gurujis in Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. As per there statements –
    Whatever Disabilities and Abilities you have are the result of your own past and present karma. BUT IT ISN’T Blaming the disabled, but experiences on which we can build a better future. When someone slaps you, you feel pain, thats not punishment. But pain is result of slap. Similarly reason of disability may be some karma, the result of which affected us in present life.
    There may be MORE SINNERS AMONG THE ABLED. Just think of a man who has no control over his mind, and senses, or a rapist who falls runs after lust destroys hisown and others life and becomes a nuisance!
    Or an ordinary man who devotes entire life for earning money alone!
    The Disabled may have just done a minor mistake,.
    While these people WHO ARE COMMON among us but we don’t realize them, may be worst sinner.
    EVEN FOR THEM its not punishment, but Just result of what they did.
    AND FOR PEOPLE LIKE Mr. TREADMARKZ , Disability might have been an inspiration , knowingly or unknowingly, for travelling in the ETERNAL CHARIOT OF DHARMA. So for him it may have done a positive role, is it not?

    • I think we are both on the same wave length but I did not want to directly relate it to Treadmarkz. If you kindly read my remarks, you will appreciate that our past karma are called ‘sanchita karma while the present karma are the ‘prarabdha’. Any actions that we carry on will determine our future karmas i.e. the cause for ‘Agami karmas’ which lead us to the cause for our next birth. I do not disagree but agree to what your Guruji has said in brief.
      God bless

  5. Thank you syamukamath, it is nice to know that many gurus think the same thing

  6. Namaste and thank you to all of you who have commented. I have benefited from reading all of the different ways of looking at disability. I do not recall thinking about my disability much as I developed the desire to follow Sanatana Dharma. I just sort of went where the stream flowed for me. But I am glad I did because I have learned so much more than I ever intended to.

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