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Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe

Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe blog

I have some updates about some blogs, but first I want to mention a blog that is not specifically related to Hinduism. The blogger, “treadmarkz”, left a comment  here, saying that my story also described  happened to him when he “searched for something and found Hinduism“. Thradmarkz was born with spina bifida, and his blog  talks about his experiences, to help others with disability. I was particularly interested in his posting about when the British football coach Glenn Hoddel was sacked for expressing a belief in reincarnation. I remember being outraged by that at the time, even though it was long before I became a Hindu. Maybe something from my past lives was shaping my opinions even then. I think that a lot of people misunderstand what Hinduism says about disability, we can never simplistically say “that person must have led a bad life previously”. Treadmarkz has done us great service by discussing this issue openly to an audience of people with disabilities. If you read this treadmarz, thank you.

Other Blog News

Also, Art’s blog “Bamboo Thoughts” has now permanently moved to a WordPress, and can be found at Art has recently gone through a sort of spiritual malaise, but I am pleased to say that  he is now getting past this. I am sure that he will welcome advice and encouragement.

Aruna Sharan has started a second blog, Sādhanā Day by Day. She is using this for posts about her daily practices and general philosophical questions, leaving her original blog Sons of Gods: The Mahabharata to discuss the Mahabharata and her new book telling the story.

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  1. Nice blog and very informative.thanks for sharing us.

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