Another Western Hindu Blog- Mahaprana: Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy & Transpersonal Counseling

The Mahaprana Blog

A commenter has just informed me about the blog “Mahaprana: Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy & Transpersonal Counseling“. The blog is  by Joshua Michaell a Saiva Hindu who teaches  Sanskrit, Yoga, Philosophy, and Meditation.  He writes about his travels, tea and a wide variety of subjects with a spiritual connection.

I have added this blog to my page listing blogs by Western Hindus. I have also marked some blogs on the page which have not had recent activity as inactive.

13 responses to “Another Western Hindu Blog- Mahaprana: Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy & Transpersonal Counseling

  1. What a neat blog, so full of cultural adventures. it had such simply beautiful food…I got hungry:P

  2. Awsome blog indeed. Especially to those who want to learn sanskrit,.

  3. A wonderful new blog which I am adding to the list on my own blog. One day, when I am truly retired, I will hopefully learn Sanskrit beyond the few words I now know.

  4. Anyone who want to learn Samskrutha language can download chapter by chapter and learn according to your convenience.
    This website and programme is of Chitrapur Saraswath math,

  5. Thank you for that link. I’ve made the decision to set aside a time each day, starting tomorrow, to start my lessons.

  6. syamukamath: unfortunately, it seems that those lessons assume that the beginner already knows the devanagari script — but I don’t! I’ll see if I ccan find another online tutorial targeted for complete beginners.

  7. I have found a very good Sanskrit online tutorial, here:
    It’s for complete beginners, and I’ve just taken the first lesson!

    • Great. One of friends, Daniel was also searching for such site. Thanks.
      Anyway ,Arunaji , i suggest after completion of that you take this also. It will help in advanced knowledge of Sanskrit. Sanskrit knowledge can reveal the true meaning of our epics.
      Swami Nirmalanandagiri remarked” Vedas are for common man and Epics for scholars”.

  8. Nice blog and given very good information.I am impressed.thanks,

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