Another Western Hindu Blog: Ridiculously Reverent

ridiculously reverent blog

ridiculously reverent blog

Thanks to the  commenter ‘S’ for letting me know about this blog.

The Ridiculously Reverent  blog is by kāmya, an American woman living in Canada. she is a vedic Hindu, a devout devotee of Indra. She writes as a devotee to share her love of Indra and her ideas.  She is currently blogging about a pilgrimage to India and Nepal, I will be interested to see the itinerary and what she gains from it spiritually.

I have added this blog to my page listing blogs by Western followers of Sanātana Dharma.

9 responses to “Another Western Hindu Blog: Ridiculously Reverent

  1. Thanks Tandava. May the Lord God bless you on this New Year to fulfill your life Divine in Divine Love. God bless

    • Thanks,
      And may God bless you too.

      • Ridiculously reverent is a wonderful blog. But atleast some youngsters move to hindu , coz they arent acceptd in Christianity coz they are Gay/bi etc.
        Hindu spirituality has nothng to do with it. But Being a hindu or hindutva ,the way of life of a hindu is against such acts as christianity is.
        ‘Vivekabhudi’ or power to differentiate right-wrong is what which makes human different from animals. And hinduism is for those who have this viveka. So people who dnt even have the diligence of animals are not suited for hinduism.
        Such people who misuse of Unorganised structure of hinduism really make us hindus ashamed.

        • Did I miss something in the Ridiculously reverent blog? I did not see anything to suggest that Kāmya is gay/bi. I agree that people have to transcend animal like behaviour – but I don’t think that excludes people who have gay inclinations. This is a very controversial subject and something I will blog about later.

          • Well. I wasn’t talking about kamya. Or that blog.
            But I have seen a trend that when people bi/gay nt get acceptd by Catholicism they turn hindu. This is not a place for going when you have no way.
            Secondly hinduism is clearly in line with nature that female-male equation. Being main reason that India gives life improsonment if such acts are found. Hinduism and spirituality is for people who can have atleast some control over mind. Homosexuality is banned as in Catholicism.

            • Thanks,
              I have amended my comment. I think you are behind the times about life imprisonment for homosexual acts in India, this was overruled in 2009. I will probably write an article on this, it is a very controversial subject.

            • syamukamath

              Law is nt yet inacted. The order is just by Delhi Highcourt order. And it was in name of ‘modernisation’ not hindu culture.
              2ndly it would be applicable to ‘kijdas’ or transexual people who take birth due to some chromosome deficiency. Government said it would not legalize Homosexuality, but would do something for those trans,.which indeed should be done.
              Anyway as all religiöns are pretty strong in India, and atheists are weak, homosexuality would never be legalised. Religion failed and atheism/materialism is increasing in West. Which is not so in India.
              We can discuss further on your posts on topic.

  2. Oh great! She must be n the way of purva mimamsa.
    And Happy newyear tandava.

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