Another blog by a Western Hindu – Sons of Gods: The Mahabharata

Sons of Gods: The Mahabharata blog

The author of this blog, Aruna Sharan, left a comment om my post “Not all Western Hindus are white Hindus”, telling me about her blog.

She is a is a black Hindu who grew up in Guyana, South America, and a follower of path is Vedanta Advaita, as taught by Ramana Maharshi. The blog is mainly about her monumental effort to produce an English version of the Mahābhārata story. She is aiming to produce a version  which  will be  “a book the length of an average novel, a continuous story distilled down to its vital essence but dramatised so as to captivate the reader, with living, breathing characters, spiritually alive and written in an accessible style yet retaining the powerful spirit of the original”. 

I particularly enjoyed reading her page “Cover Art“. Here she describes how on seeing a picture that she wanted to use as the cover of her book on an old calendar , she started the almost impossible task of finding the author and obtaining permission to use it. All she had to go on was a signature of the author! However as she investigated things just fell into place, as they so often seem to when someone is on a spiritual path.

This is an established, well written blog and well worth a visit. I have added it to my page listing blogs by Western followers of Hinduism.

10 responses to “Another blog by a Western Hindu – Sons of Gods: The Mahabharata

  1. Hi Tāṇḍava, Aruna is a Female . 🙂

  2. Tandava is at “Spiritual”level where there is no gender distinctions. I admire his sincerity with point taken.

  3. Ha! I actually feel “gender neutral” myself, so it doesn’t matter!
    Aruna Sharan is actually a pen name. Aruna is taken from the holy mountain Arunachala, my spiritual home. And Sharan means “refuge” in Sanskrit, as well as being an alternative spelling of my “real” name, Sharon.
    My other name is Sharon Maas; I’m a published novelist and you can find more about me under that name.

    Thank you so much, Tandava, for adding my blog to your list. I am enjoying reading your blog very much. One hears so often that you have to be born a Hindu to be one, but I know that is not true.

    When I lived in Guyana as a young woman I was constantly in distress. I was fat, I smoked, a got drunk, I couldn’t find a boyfriend; I was lost, unloved. And then someone told me about Yoga, and everything clicked into place. My life turned around from that moment; I never looked back.

  4. Aruna’s blog deserve to include the list. It gives a interesting perspective on Great History of Mahabharat.

  5. Hinduism is the only culture which is a way of life and any one who believes in its Vedic concepts of “Soham” in short and it is also expressed in Bhagwad Geeta also “Easwara Sarva Bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings).
    Same is expressed in Isopanishad, “Isavasyam idam sarvam (the entire universe is permeated by God)”. Whole thing revolves round the “Supreme Consciousness” which we are. This is all about Hinduism. Hinduism believes in eternity and that is the reason that it doesn’t believe in prosyletisation or conversions. Anybody can become or de-become a Hindu.

    Hence you don’t have to worry about to be Hindu, Aruna. God bless

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