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Hinduism Today Jan 2012

Hinduism Today Jan 2012

I must have missed it at the time, but I see that this blog, the White Hindu blog, and the Bamboo Thoughts blog were mentioned in the Digital Dharma section of the Hinduism Today Magazine in March. It seems only right to mention the Hinduism Today magazine in return.

This magazine is available both digitally and as a real paper edition. Though the digital version is free, the paper edition is really nice to have, with high quality glossy pictures. It always has interesting articles, and has a spiritual feel to it. In fact one reader, Alok Lathi commented that “Simply having Hinduism Today on your shelf is a blessing, even if you don’t read it!”. 

He says:

“Simply having Hinduism Today on your shelf is a blessing,” he said, “even if you don’t read it!”

“just as Mother’s years of sadhana generated a shakti that bears fruit to this day, Hinduism Today, because of the practices done by those who create it, gives off an energy that enlivens all of dharma and countless souls everywhere, far beyond its circle of readers. Without it, there would be a hole there.”

I have to declare an interest here, as the Hinduism Today magazine is produced by the Himalayan Academy at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery. This is the lineage that I am following. That said, the Hinduism Today magazine takes great care to be objective and respect all lineages.


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  1. Better luck next time brother. You do have a wonderful blog.
    Have u ever visitd india?
    You are most welcome please do, if u havnt.

  2. Congrats on being on the list. This is truly a very good blog!

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