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The Accidental Hindu blog

A while ago I had a message from someone saying “not all Western Hindus are white Hindus”. I was going to write something about this (and I still might) but in the meantime the sender of that message has started her own blog, “The Accidental Hindu“.

She was born in the West Indies, and describes herself as a black Hindu. She writes under the name T.A.H, and describes her spiritual path from a Catholic and Seven Day Adventist  upbringing to Hinduism. Like me she has visited other faiths on the way! She mentions feeling at home with vedanta philosophy, so I think that her blog probably belongs in the smarta section, but I will leave it in the “Blogs Yet to be Classified” section until I have read more. She has a very clear and readable writing style, making her story easy to read.  I have added the blog to my page of blogs by Westerners Following Hinduism.

8 responses to “Another blog by a Western Hindu – The Accidental Hindu

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting my blog. How wonderful of you. And I so look forward to reading your thoughts on the whole ‘not all Western Hindus are white Hindus’ issue. Would love to hear about another’s experiences and perspectives, as I form my own thoughts on it.

    So good to have become part of this ongoing, online conversation among so many Hindu blog writers and readers.


  2. Namashkar Tāṇḍava,

    “The Accidental Hindu“ link is not working.

  3. Namaste,

    You need to take the portion out of the Accidental Hindu blog link. otherwise it will not work, and unless people know how to parse an URL, they will not be ale to get to it.

    • Thanks Ed,
      I forgot the http:// in front of it and have fixed it now. For the technically minded a link with just name/something is treated as a relative link, which means it looks for it on the website. Of course this fails because there is nothing there!

  4. Hi tandava, came across this newswhich is a Happy one for Hindus in Peshawar.Note the “Om Namah Shivaya” written in Urdu[in the video].Thought you might like it.

  5. Hi again, Tandava,
    Thanks again for highlighting my blog here. I get several hits daily redirected from you blog, so it’s a great help.
    Just an fyi that I also started a Facebook page to support the blog. Here’s the link:

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