A new blog by a Western Hindu – Western Sanātana Dharma

Western Sanātana Dharma

The Western Sanātana Dharma blog

Thanks to the commenter ‘S’ for pointing out this new blog to me.

This blog is by Alicia, a high-school student in New York State. Her blog is relatively new and she describes her first steps in Sanatana Dharma. She appears to have an affinity with Ma Durga and Shri Ganesha. I wish her well with her spiritual path, and I have added the blog to my page of blogs by Westerners Following Hinduism.

Also on the same page I have linked the entry for “Adorations to Amma” to Stacey’s Flicr profile. Her myspace blog has been flagged inactive for a while and I think she has moved on from this. Her photostream is  highly individual and forms a visual act of guru-puja. She is obviously very visually orientated and this is really different from most other blogs.

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