The Shatkona blog is back!

GaneshaThe Shatkona blog is back in the list of blogs by Western Hindus. I had previously removed the blog when the blogger announced that he was returning to Catholicism, Those of you who have been following his blog will know that he has come to realise that this was attached to both Catholicism and Hinduism, and later discovered that his attachment to Catholicism is more nostalgia than true spiritual feeling.

I have been wondering whether to add his blog back for a while. A few days ago I emailed the author and said that I would leave it up to him, when and if he felt ready I would add it back to the list. Today I received a simple email saying “Please re-add my blog, my path is Sanatana Dharma”. I feel that its very auspicious that he made this decision on Ganesha Chaturthi.

The image of Ganesha is from the collection of images from “What is Hinduism” released rights-free by the Himalayan Academy.

11 responses to “The Shatkona blog is back!

  1. Namaste Tandava. Thank you for bearing with me as I sorted things about. Conversion is a big deal and I take it very seriously, and I don’t want to make any mistakes. You’ve been of much assistance to me in sorting things out and I appreciate your helpful attitude.
    Aum Namah Shivaya.

  2. Conversion is difficult;thats why here the Church/jamaat helps new converts by shielding them from older influences,saying they’re bad/wicked.
    Shatkona’s dilemma is natural for a free thinking person. There are/will be both good &bad in all things,&depending on our natures we reduce/minimise bad while enhancing/encouraging the good.This is what Human Life &progress is all about.This dilemma is also faced by us while making major decisions-like carreer choice,marriage,swithching jobs,countries etc

  3. Wow Sita, I’m not sure if I could go to India now. I couldn’t put up with the tactics they pull.

  4. Always welcome:) we always have room for more!

  5. Nice picture of Ganesha; I’m just back from seeing a Display of 1500 Ganeshas put up by one Family of 3 brothers!I was thinking “Wow, a visual display of the Saharanamam & more! It was awesome!.
    Kothanda,your DP is very nice.

    the above is a blog that has lot of posts, all by ex christians. A support group, i suppose for the apostates? or spiritual exiles? I have just come across it and havent explored it yet.

    • This appears to be mainly an atheist site. I looked at a few articles and they are anti religion in general and pro-atheist.

    • Sita Surya,
      I have looked at the site some more, and though they are mainly atheists they do have some members who have converted to other faiths. They have a forum they recommend for people following new faiths.

      Personally, I don’t think that the site would offer much to someone who defines themselves by their new faith; as a “Hindu” rather than an “Ex Christian”. That said some people who still have issues and problems with Christianity might find it a useful site. Also maybe people who want to share experiences with other people who had difficulty telling friends and family that they are not Christians might also find it useful.

  7. Thandava, you must mean Surya who gave the link.
    I went through that site,too.As you say,it seems to be mainly for those who gave up their Christian beliefs for atheism.I find that kind of thought of renouncing all belief in God/Gods/Divinity among others who give up Islam or even Hindiuism,too. It seems a way of self preservation where one doesn’t change/give up one’s ways/the cultural aspects of their former beliefs when they renounce the existence of The Divine.

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