Return of “The Shatkona” blog by another Western Hindu

The Shatkona - A Westerner On The Hindu Path

The Shatkona blog

I am very pleased to tell you about the return of “The Shatkona“, a blog from a fellow follower of the Kailasa Parampara of the Nandinatha Sampradaya. The blog was previously deleted by the author, and therefore removed from my list of blogs by Westerners following Hinduism. It is now back with a number of interesting articles.

The author had stopped blogging due to the illness and death of a close relative, which he writes about on the blog. I am happy that he is now able to move on and continue his blog.

One response to “Return of “The Shatkona” blog by another Western Hindu

  1. Namaste, I stumbled across your blog by chance and liked the site in general. As a hindu from India, I find it intriguing that westerners are adopting hinduism and practicing it more religiously than native hindus. Its inspiring. I wanted to contribute to the cause by mentioning that you can listen to excellent explanation of srimad bhagvatam puran at Also, there are 24×7 internet radio stations on hinduism at

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