Another blog by a Western follower of Hinduism

theyuha blog

I have added another blog to my Westerners Following Hinduism page.

This blog is by Daniel, a Western follower of Amma. He used to practice Catholicism and in addition to his Hindu blog theyuha he has another blog Catholicism where he tries to correct wrong teachings about Hinduism within the Catholic church.

One response to “Another blog by a Western follower of Hinduism

  1. I added a new website based on a Madonna song called Save Your Soul, it is directed towards a different group who may not be as familiar to Hinduism but may have listened to some of Madonnas songs. It is called I also have saveyoursoullittlesister–I am still working on the blogs. I am also building a tower In Necedah Wi where I plan a worship center–construction shown at

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