Two more blogs by Western Hindus

A Soul's Journey blog

A Soul's Journey blog

I have updated the “Westerners following Hinduism” page by adding two new blogs and removing two which are no longer active.

The “A Soul’s Journey” blog is by Jennifer Renee, who describes herself as a follower of Lakshmi who is new to Hinduism. Despite this she has an understanding – and more important a feel – for the meaning of Hinduism as a way of life. She has some interesting posts and beautiful pictures.

Yatra blog

The Yatra Blog

The Yatra blog is  by a gay Latino Hindu living in Philadelphia. He is a follower of Shiva and writes about his spiritual journey.

The two blogs I have removed have been inactive for several months. I assume that the bloggers have lost interest and removed them.

I hope that in future I have more blogs to add than to remove.

8 responses to “Two more blogs by Western Hindus

  1. This is wonderful! I am grateful for finding these links. Your blog is a great resource me in my own journey!


    Another one you can add to westerners-following-hinduism 🙂

  3. Coming out of the wood works now.

  4. Take a look at my blog at I am somewhat new to hinduism but I have studied it and found what we were tought by Church or social media was innacurate at best. On my pages to the right in my blog I discuss Hinduism and dispell some myths spread by society in the West.

    • Daniel,
      I am not clear from your blog whether you are a Hindu or a Catholic who wants to correct wrong impressions about Hinduism. Both are good positions, but I need to know this so that I can decide whether to add you to my page of blogs by Western Hindus. I see that you have another blog Catholicism, where you appear to be writing from a Christian viewpoint.
      Aum Shivaya

  5. I am a Hindu, some may say i am not because I do not have all of the sacraments or that I was not born Hindu but my Guru is Amma, I did take a mantra from her and my daily prayers are from Sanatana Dharma. I used to practice Catholicism, some of my blog is for Christian readership answering some questions or ignorance that they have. There are Hindu devotions on one of the pages.Om Namah Shiviya

    • Thank you,
      I will add your blog to the list of blogs by Western Hindus – though not today it is late in the UK! [The site has been added now]
      Aum Shivaya

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