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The Anglo Hindu Blog

I have just discovered a new blog by a blog from an English follower of Sanatana Dharma who now lives in Florida. He has an affinity with Krishna and other Avatars. His blog is aimed at people who are new to Hinduism.

The Anglo Hindu Blog already has some interesting articles. I have added it to my list of blogs by Western converts to Hinduism.

19 responses to “Another blog by a Western convert to Hinduism

  1. Thank you for visiting me, now its my turn 🙂
    Nice blog, are you English too? I saw the post about the Ealing temple. I haven’t been there. The only temple I went to in UK was the ISKCON one at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Visiting the baby cows there was what made me a vegetarian.

  2. Thanks,
    I am English. I have never visited an ISKCON temple, I hear that Bhaktivedanta Manor is very nice.

  3. Namaste AngloHindu,
    I lived in the UK in the 90s but dont remember seeing any cow in the mandir at that time. Well thats something new and interesting chief. (Yes of course thats a very common scene in the mandirs in hindu lands.)
    Hmm, so our ancestors and Ramas beloved army,monkeys, next then? Hope the Brits dont go crazy with the mammals on all their 4rs walking around in the strets. PETA ought to love hinduism at this rate.

  4. I left the uk in 2000 and the cows were there then (and pot bellied pigs). If you go to Bhaktivedanta manor’s website there is video of the farm.(Also on youtube) Apparently it’s been there since 1993.

  5. This is in reply to your view on anglo hindu blog about ganesha If the story of ganesha’s head is just a morality tale but not the truth then ganesh doesnt mean anything. Ganesh became such a mighty & widely worshiped god only after that incident happened , all the other gods blessed him etc

  6. In my view , this Ganesh (God / Character) was created to save Elephants from human. All Indian gods are attached with one are more animals / Birds .
    Peacock is attached with Lord Muruga , that is the only reason it is still living peacefully in India.

  7. Why Ganesha is important figure for prosperity?

    Elephants are conscious of their own reflections ,and hence their exalted position in our Hindu temples, as a superior and evolved spiritual animal !

    They have powerful memories and they remember events that happened years ago as well !!

    Were Druids = Yogis?

    The artifact in this article clearly shows yogic posture and four Swastika on its chest !!!!!!

  8. Do druids really have vedic origins?

    Did British originate from the druids?

    If this is true, then did the British destroy their own people, through British east India company ?

    This is shocking if its true…

  9. I have been doing some research, and i found out that “Romans” took over the druids and they were Christianized in the middle ages.

    This means even the British have vedic civilization roots !?

  10. This is very interesting to see the English follower of Sanatana Dharma, who is the western convert into Hinduism and he has more affinity with multi avatars.


  11. Hello…I am a westerner who is fairly new to Hinduism…I consider myself rather a follower of Shaktism…since I do mainly give devotion to the Mother Goddess Lakshmi…I am very happy to find your blog and others of Western Hindus…I do have a blog……

    Jennifer Renee

  12. affinity to krishna? i guess the affinity depends on the ‘GOD’ he is introduced with in the beginning which forms the foundation around which his understanding of hinduism is built. ISKON calls krishna the Supreme. But in fact the ‘supreme’ is formless and nameless. In fact he is beyond mind and comprehension.

    • Hinduism encompasses a wide set of beliefs. The majority of Hindus are Vishnavas and see the supreme form of God as Vishnu or one of his avatars. These account for 70% of Hindus. Saivas see the supreme form of God as Shiva, and these account for 25% of Hindus. Saivites and Hindus do see God as having a formless component also, the Brahman, known as Parashiva to Saivites.

      Of the remaining 5% of Hindus some are Shaktis, who see the accessible form of God as feminine, usually Durga or Kali. Some are neo-Hindus and some are Smarta. The Smarta and some neo-Hindus do see the ultimate form of God as formless. In fact Smartas believe that all forms of God are ultimately a higher level of illusion or maya.

      So your belief is actually a minority view in Hinduism. There is nothing wrong with this, but to speak as though your form of Hinduism is the “one true belief” is a very non-Hindu attitude.

      (Figures from Encyclopaedia Britannica, quoted on

      Aum Shivaya

  13. Tandava,
    As I’m the person being discussed can I say something? If you have been to my blog you may have read that I no longer ally myself to Iskcon. I found their attitudes to other forms of god (particularly Ganesha) disturbing. I favour Lord Krishna due to a connection I feel. But I wouldn’t call myself a Vaishnava. I bow before Lord Shiva, Ram, Ganesha, Sri Lakshni equally.
    I consider them equally god.

    • Namashkar,
      Thank you for explaining your beliefs. I believe that Hinduism is a broad family, and there is room for those who see God in one particular form or in many. If you feel a particular connection with Krishna then this is something to cherish.
      Aum Shivaya

  14. Hare Om
    My thoughts exactly. I’m sure you understand many Hindus have an Ishtadevata like me. I still hold the other major forms of god to be Bhagvan equally.

  15. God is one and multidimensional at the same time, all the different Gods that your are talking about at the part of the same big picture.

    If people worship “Krishna”, he is God Vishnu in human form, the protector, the preserver.

    Same god, different name. All God in Sanatan Dharma have 108 names depicting multidimensional nature. Yet they are all one, as they have 108 names.

    No matter what name you take, or which God or Goddess you prefer, they are part of the same big picture.

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