Visiting the Amman temple Ealing

The Shri Kanagathurkkai Amman Temple

Last week we spent the week visiting my Dad, who lives to the West of London. At the suggestion of a fellow Himalayan Academy Master Course student we visited the Shri Kanagathurkkai Amman Temple in Ealing. The temple is undergoing extensive building work at the moment, and a hall at the back is being used as the temporary temple. We were made welcome; someone brought a chair for my father and the announcements were repeated in English for our benefit. I look forward to visiting again when the main temple has been reopened.

The Aarti, which was quite a long ceremony because it was a bank holiday and a lot of people were attending. After this I went to fetch the car (parking is a few hundred yards away in a pay and display). My wife said that when I had gone we were invited to eat, though we declined as I had already returned with the car.

I have now visited many mandirs in the UK and always been welcomed. I occasionally get comments from people who are worried about going for the first time, so I want to show that there is nothing to worry about. You can read about my first visit to a Hindu temple here, and my experiences at temples in Newcastle, Birmingham, Neasden, and Reading.


5 responses to “Visiting the Amman temple Ealing

  1. Was this temple a Church earlier.Also srilankan hindu influence.[thruogh the way they spelt KanakaDurgai.Durgai &Kanaka Durgai in particular has a large following in Tamilnadu,too.

  2. I see a lot of mistakes in my comment.Please forgive me my carelessness,and excuse my dyslexic &impulsive tendencies,to post a comment before doing spell check.

  3. Your link is wrong. It’s

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