Two Western Hindus following Vaishnava path

A Western Ramanandi blog

I have come across two more blogs belonging to Westerners who have taken the path of Hinduism. The first is “A Western Ramanandi” , written by Kodanda who is following the Ramanandi sect. This is a relatively new blog, but Kodanda, the author, has already written some very insightful posts about how he came to follow Sanatana Dharma.

The Ramanandi sect is widespread in India, though has comparatively few Western followers. I found it interesting that Kodanda initially found the Ramanandi sect, started to follow another path, then came back to it. This is very like my experience with the Himalayan Academy.

"My Journey into Sanātana Dharma" blog

The second blog is “My Journey into Sanātana Dharma” . The author “Aashna Namaste” is at the beginning of her spiritual journey, and is guided by Shri Krishna and Shri Ganesha.

I think I will have to write a page as a guide to all these blogs by Westerners following Sanatana Dharma. This could be a useful resource for other Westerners who feel called to Hinduism.

3 responses to “Two Western Hindus following Vaishnava path

  1. Thanks for the Mention 🙂

    I kind of winced when you said “dismissed”, it was more a lack of easily available info so I moved on.
    Luckily my prayers were answered and the obstacles seemed to disappear and soon I was getting too much info. I figured since Bhagavan Shree Rama was opening doors for me, it was my duty to help other westerners that might have a draw towards Bhakti of Shree Rama. I will be adding more info soon about Swami Ramanandi and the Sect. I will also be posting some “Starter” information such as texts to study and a basic japa to get going.

    Jai Shree Ram


    • Thanks Kodanda,
      “Dismissed” was probably not the right word. I was meaning “initially thought this was not the path to follow”. “Dismissed does imply too much of an active decision “no way”, I will change it.

  2. Yes, there are similarities, and it seems to be a common theme as a lot of western adopters seems to start one way and then once they have a little realization change over ( sometimes to the opposite end of the spectrum). I think this is natural and healthy and allows us to express our faith better.

    None the less thanks for the change and keep up the good work, your blog has inspired others and soon we will have a whole community of bloggers on the various paths to help others. 🙂

    Jai Shree Ram

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