Westerners choosing different paths.

I have copied this title from a post from The White Hindu blog. I have had a number of comments left here by Aamba, the blog’s owner, another Western convert to Hinduism.  As she says in the linked post, it is interesting how we have taken different paths. She first found the Himalayn Academy’s “Dancing With Shiva”, but found the Saivite philosophy too devotional, and is now embarking on a study with the Chinmaya Mission.

I studied the Chinmaya Mission West’s e-vedanta course, but felt that its emphasis on meditation rather than devotion did not suite me, nor did Shiva being yet another layer of illusion, with God ultimately being impersonal brahman. I then started on the Himalayan Academy Master Course, which felt right at every level.

This illustrates how different people have different paths to God, and how Hinduism caters for everyone. How magnificent that we can all approach God in different directions, wherever we are at the moment Hinduism has a path for us.

7 responses to “Westerners choosing different paths.

  1. Reading this also reminded me of the 4 fold yoga stages or butterfly analogy as per Himalayan Academy Mastercourse. ~ Bhaki yoga [devotion] is the foundation & should be persued first then Karma yoga[service], then Raja yoga[meditation], and then aspirant is ready for Jnana yoga[wisdom].


    • Thanks Jayshree,
      Yes, I think this is true. My first inclination on seeing Aamba’s post was to think that she could have found what she wanted within our sampradaya, but then I realised that this is a very un-Hindu way of thinking. She has found her path, and that is all that matters.

  2. Isn’t it so funny! We started out on each other’s paths and then crossed 🙂

    It does illustrate that everyone has a way to God that is unique to him or herself and that is a very good reason to allow for Western converts to Hinduism. We should all be able to follow the path that guides us most directly home!

  3. All paths lead to God!!

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  5. I loved reading this…Reminded me of a conversation with a staunch Christain Missionary on a flight to India, about how Hinduism didnt have a standard and hence Christianity was more consistent since it had a standard. I didnt argue cause I know my path works for me just like his was working for him, except for his need to somehow tell me I was lesser. I knew, if I said anything about the many denominations in Christianity, which implied there wasnt a standard there either, it would sound like I was doing so in sarcasm. I did think it was Ironic that he didnt see his own nose.

  6. After doing quite a bit of research I’ve discovered many of my beliefs are the same as many Hindu beliefs, how ever I’m unsure of how to start practicing this religion.

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