Our Mandir on Google Street view

Our Mandir on Google Street view

Our Mandir on Google Street view

Today Google announced that Street View is now available in some cities on UK maps. I found this picture of our new mandir. We are about to celebrate the first anniversary of this wonderful building opening. Last year we were in a rather more modest mandir.

The Old Mandir

The Old Mandir

This was upstairs in this building, also from Google Street View. In the old building you sometimes found that you could not get into the prayer hall, and had to listen from the room outside or even from the stairs! We are really lucky to have such a lovely new building, with enough space for the many Hindus who want to worship there.

Of course the magnificent building is only a symbol, and sincere worship is as good whatever building it is in, but it is nice to have a visible symbol that Hinduism is thriving in the city.

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