Christians, friends of Hindus

Someone recently commented that my blog was anti-Christian. It was certainly not my intention to be anti-Christian, though my condemnation of the fundamentalist, evangelical Christian Right may have given that impression.

A while ago I wrote an article “Muslims, friends of Hindus“. I had not written a post about the friendship between Christians and Hindus, perhaps because I take for granted the fact that there are many Christians who want friendly, supportive relations with other religions. In fact in Britain probably a majority of Christians would be against aggressive conversion tactics.

Though I believe that Jesus’s message is misunderstood by fundamentalist Christians (as described in a previous post), there are many Christians who do see the message of love and tolerance. The Archbishop of Canterbury invited a Hindu to give a lecture in the 2008, and clearly values friendship with Hinduism. Even the Vatican has entered into interfaith dialogues. In addition to this there are many ordinary Christians who are tolerant and supportive of other faiths.

Christians who look to what we have in common will realise that there are many similarities between Hinduism and Christianity. We should appreciate and respect the differences, as Shaivas respect the beliefs of Vishnavas and vice versa. This way we can say that true Christians are friends of true Hindus.

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  1. Why should you want to be friends with murderers, liars and bulies? Do you know what christians did when they first came to india? they killed the sons of the welcomming brahmin before his eyes and nailed their lips to the gallows. Then they cut off his ears and burned out his eyes and sent him back to his wife..

    What does love have to do with people like this?

    They had their turn, 50.000.000 dead in two thousand years at their hands. Now its our turn.

  2. Good point.
    Forgive my impatience.

  3. I should perhaps add: I spent most of my teenage life in the catholic church. Utterly ignorant of the history of the church, or the esoteric aspects of the new testament.

    Many years later I read the words “Seek and ye shall find” and I decided to follow that trail. This is perhaps what seperates a fundamentalist from a rational human being. Namely to realize that a book is a description, not the truth itself.
    After some time I began to notice patterns in the new testament (I wonder where that idea came from). Like there was something hidden just beneath the letters. I could have sworn that I had seen this pattern before in India(!). So I began drawing the journeys of Jesus (going here, going there, doing this) on a piece of paper..

    To make a long story short: The new testament (as well as the old) is an allegory for the human body. The story of Christ is the story of Purusha, the individual self moving through the 12 births of the zodiac. This shocked me utterly, Zodiac? Thats just rubbish. But then I began to understand that the zodiac had a deeper meaning: Pneuma, the movement of the mind.

    I decided to check my findings with a Jewish Rabbi, he was thrilled: “Good work, you have looked into the scriptures with a strong mind”. He knew all to well what Jesus represents.

    Well, im not going to clutter your blog with all this. I have a whole blog dedicated to the subject after all. Needless to say I left the church faster than a rocket. Adam and Eve my foot, Adamas and Havvas from the Mahabaratha is the source.

    But you are right, there are some christians who truly does credit to their faith. It is only a shame that they are in minority.

  4. hi, i have a friend who has been close to me for over eleven years and due to an unhappy patch in his life turned through power of suggestion and i must admit poor level of religious education if i can call it that, to Christianity.I have no problem with this,however he recently began to outwardly display this and due to a few heated words turned his back upon me,i then after some time rekindled the friendship only to find that he has changed too much as a a person,and truly believes that there is only 1 religion and he can be quite irritating with the ‘goodness of the bible’ at times i do not think we can be friends anymore as we are at constant loggerheads…hoping to find some advice…and yes i am a true Hindu and understand that i should love and accept my friend no matter what,but it is now becoming more and more difficult to do

    • Hi Devesh,
      That is a real shame. Unfortunately many of the evangelical Christians are the most extreme, so those who are converted have much harsher views than most Christians you would find. You could just try telling him that if he believes that God is all good and all powerful then he should trust God to bring all to him. You might not be successful as he will probably be getting the opposite message from those who converted him.

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  6. Om Shalom

    it is sad to see that the majority of the people came to know Sri Yeshu (Jesus) through a religion that is a perversion of the original Faith.
    Sri Yeshu Masih (or Yeshua the Messiah) never founded the Christian religion and neither did His disciples/apostles. He was brought up in an Essene family who were part of the Qumranic Essene society (Qumran was a celibate community bu there were married members livin outside Qumran area) and He taught the Essene way of life to the larger Jewish society.
    The Essenes acknowledge openly that Abraham, the forefather of Israel, came from India and traveled to Chaldea. The Essenes also acknowledge that they received influence from Buddhism and Vaishnavism through their ancestors, the Tribe of Manasseh who stayed in India and Burma, centuries before the formation of Essene community. Thus you can find the many similarities between the Gospel and Bhagavad Gita, between the teachings of Sri Yeshu and Buddhism.
    Also, the apostle Thomas came to India to preach the Essene Nazarene faith, clothed within Hindu ideal sadhu life. Thomas didn’t come as a Christian messenger.
    The original 1st century “Church” established at Jerusalem, survived throughout the centuries, preserving the original Essene faith, led by the Families of Mary and Joseph, even though the Catholic-Orthodox church tried to exterminate them.
    The Essenes have always acknowledged that God’s presence can be found where there is peace, truth and light.
    Throughout their history, the Essene Jews never used political or worldly means to convert people, because they never believe that those who do not convert to their faith will be condemned to hell. Proper understanding of Sri Yeshu’s words do not support this.
    If one is interested to know the original community of Sri Yeshu, one may visit

    • *head/desk*

        • This is just getting old. If you want to be Christian, be Christian, if you want to follow Sanatana Dharma then follow Sanatana Dharma. Stop trying to meld two incompatible systems. Find a boat and row it, no need to take the hull of one boat, oars from another (where you have to alter the pegs for the oars to sit) and then add a sail so you can try and sail against the wind.

          • I never said I want to be a Christian, did I? No! All religions, incliding the “incompatible” ones have some similarity the other religions. But in spite of that, I am happy to follow the Sanatana Dharma but at the same time, I don’t condemn others. As I said on another post, most of the Christians I knew did not say anything against me or my practicing Sanatana Dharma. When any fundamentalists would start harassing me and saying things against to me against Sanatana Dharma, my Christian friends would rally behind me and stand up against that person.

            Who are you to say “If you want to be Christian, be Christian. etc…” or to condemn Hindus who keep pictures of Jesus in their altars? God is one and the same whether one worships Him as Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Durga, Kali or as the Cosmic Light!

            Many of my friends are Christians and I have no issues with them. But it makes me really angry when some fundamentalist Christians attack non Christians. Similarly, my Christian friends get angry at fundamentalist Hindus mistreating non Hindus or discriminating against/abusing converts to Hinduism. I sure don’t appreciate it.

            I told before that I understand what you and some other people here were saying about Jesus next to Krishna. But, it would also be nice if you would do the same. The scriptures say “Truth is one, but Sages call it by different names.”

            • The downfall of the internet, misunderstandings.

              The context of “YOU” was meant in a general or global sense of the word. Not as in YOU= Skanthavelu.

              Never the less since you brought it up, allow me to clarify my position. I will not go into too much detail as this is just a reply. Take it as you will, but to anyone on this pluralism kick, please see the following basis from which I formulate my thoughts upon this matter. Many of these assertions and ideas were made prior to to my following Dharma just so you know.

              So who am I so say what I did? First off, Jesus was not a Yogi. He propounded and expanded his teachings upon the Old testament. He makes this clear in many passages. Secondly, by Jewish prophecy, he was not the messiah as he does not fit the descriptions nor prophecies in full. While some of Jesus’ teachings do reflect what I termed “Basic Laws of Humanity” (that are common throughout most faiths) most of his teachings are AH, they are substantiated and referred to in the Old Testament. THUS, his teachings on the whole are incompatible with Sanatana Dharma and as the teachings are not drawn from the Shastras they are fruitless. Thus having Jesus next to Krishna (or whomever in a Hindu context) should be avoided.

              “God is one and the same whether one worships Him as Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Durga, Kali or as the Cosmic Light!”

              You forgot Satan, Aliens (Scientology) and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

              Joking aside, depending on the tradition, yes Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Durga, Kali are holy manifestations of Brahma. As for Buddha he is not god, deva, prophet or messenger of God but a human who had gained enlightenment through his own Yoga, which could be a bit of a topic of discussion whether or not buddhism is considered sattvik dharma as his teachings turn away the Shastras. A discussion far beyond the scope of this reply.

              I do find it funny that Christian and Muslims can talk all day about how their God is the one and only and we are all going to hell, but God forbid a Hindu state that the AH God is not our God. A quick look into this makes it abundantly clear they are not the same God and I have touched on this subject before. One of the things I already have talked about is that YHWH was the patron God of the Hebrews who was one of many Semitic Gods. As the Hebrews came to prominence in the Levant their patron God replaced the others as they consolidated power. This view is supported by Deuteronomy 32:8-9 which states:

              “When Elyon apportioned the nations, when he divided humankind, he fixed the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the sons of EL; Yahweh’s own portion was his people, Jacob his allotted share.”

              This not only shows that YHWH was one among many Gods but also the proof that he was the patron God of the Hebrews. Eventually, YHWH would displace EL and be known as EL, from which Allah comes.

              So who is YHWH or EL (in the modern sense of the name)? He was actually very akin in scope and duties to Indra. A God of Sky and Storms who also was the judge in the court of EL (Original). Hence his fiery disposition, jealousy and rage that is described of him. Now look at Vishnu (I use this as he is my object of my devotion). He is always described as loving to his devotees and he is not jealous, he says many times to worship the Devas is worship unto him. Does this sound like the same God? Does this reflect the same truth?

              “Truth is one, but Sages call it by different names.”

              Otherwise as “Ekam Sat viprah bahudhaa vadanti”. — Rg Veda 1.164.46 . This is the most misquoted and misunderstood phrase in the Vedas. Pluralistic sycophants have used this to appease the muslim invaders and later still the Christian Potugese Dutch and British. This is only valid if it refers to Sattvik dharmas that are enjoined in the Shastras, if not they are fruitless and thus NOT the same truth.

              “Ishwar Allah Tere Naam” has also been engrained into Hindu culture but you will never hear a muslim say this. I simply ask people to educate themselves, stand up and realise our faith does not need AH religions to stand on its own as fruitful and complete. We do not need Jesus, we have Krishna, we do not need Allah, we have Brahman.

              Why, as a Westerner, do I take such a strong stance on these points?
              Because by putting Jesus next to Bhagavan on our altars, adding new age elements or propagating pluralism for no reason other than to bring other influences into our saddhana gives our would be detractors ammunition to which to tear us down. These same detractors already feel that we, western followers of Sanatana Dharma, will corrupt, taint and destroy Sanatana Dharma. By adding these influences, we are diluting not only ourselves but our faith as well. Remember, add any amount of pure water to a vessel with pure water keeps pure water, add a drop of impure water no matter how small, makes all the water impure.

              I personally feel Western followers only place Jesus on their shrines next to Bhagavan as a means to confront their guilt. If you have guilt, doubt or unable to let go, your Jiva has yet to fully awaken to the truth and holding on for fear, guilt or inability to move forth spiritually.

              In the end, do what you want. I have said this many times. As asked above who am I? So go ahead and put Jesus next to Bhagavan, do a durvish dance skyclad while praying to Diana for all I care, it bothers me not, but do not say you are Hindu or a follower of Sanatana Dharma as you will become ammunition used against us who are simply trying to live our lives in upholding Dharma according to the Shastras and Smritis and finding our own piece in Bhagavan.

    • NO Thanks .
      we know about Thomas , try your deception some where else not in INDIA.
      // There is No Caste System in the Yeshu Masih Samaj //
      Oh really , Same way there is no caste system in Hinduism ..
      these Brain less Idiots , I don’t know how they can believe in this BS original sin concept , vengeful god and his loving son …. They want to convert all the Hindus someway or the other. You must be from Kerala right……
      Read this .

      if one is interested to know the original community of Sri Yeshu, one may visit these sites also .. you will get a clear picture about Desert GOD.
      and this

    • I think that others here have done a good job at debunking Togu’s assertions. The one comment I would add is that even if the original message of Jesus came from India, and St Thomas was true what would it matter to a Hindu?

      Would Christians suddenly change religions if they found that some disputed fact about a Hindu saint was in fact true? Of course not! If it is a shame that the message of Jesus is corrupted and originally from India and hold Vedic truths, tell that to the Christians. We already have our own beliefs that comes directly from the Vedas. We don’t need some second-hand message that was corrupted then semi-sorted out again – even if this were true.

      I suspect that as others say this is really a “thin end of the wedge” argument by someone who wants to push Christianity.

  7. Dear Togu,
    Namaste! Thank you for the wonderful post you provided. I never believe for a minute that Jesus Christ aka Sri Yeshu Masiha taught that people who did not follow His teachings will “rot in Hell”. I also knew that the Hell and burning concept came in to being in the centuries after the disappearance of Sri Yeshu Masiha.

    Whenever I see photos of Lord Yeshu Masiha, I am ultimately reminded of Sri Shiva. In some Shiva photos, He is portrayed as having a moustache and beard. Thus I consider Him as a reincarnation of Lord Shiva.

  8. Dear Kodanda,
    I realize that you make your conclusions based upon the texts commonly accepted by mainstream Jews and part of the Christian Bible. Well, the ancient Essenes of Qumran have their own canon and perspective. Even until now, not all of the Qumran scrolls have been released to the public. And please note, what was found at Qumran do not reveal everything about the Essenes.
    Essene Jews of the Nazarean family have always kept the hidden original history of Abraham, Moses and also the many changes that the Jews from Babylon had made to alter the original events for their own purposes. The Essenes have always known the spiritual link between India, Egypt, Israel that existed for AGES. It was the non-Essene Jews (from Babylon) who did the job of eliminating the evidences from their Scriptures.
    Also, when Sri Yeshu came on the scene, it was the Essene Jews who recognized Him as the Heavenly Messiah described in the Book of Enoch (an Essene literature).
    Several years ago, there was an interfaith dialog held between the Hindu panditas and orthodox Jews (I forgot the location, but I think it was in India). They discussed many things, including the concept of God. And they found so many similarities. Well, the Essenes were not in the dialog, but they had known for a long time that Abraham originated from India.
    You can google Jewish Hindu dialogue to find this.

    • Hello Togu,

      You are a recent poster here so you may not know my background. I am an archaeologist. Does this make my theories and arguments right? Far from it, but I use scientific principal to make my deductions. So in a way I try to be as neutral in my views even concerning my own faith. I am very analytical, almost to the point of driving myself mad 😀

      I am not against people becoming Christian, Buddhist or Muslim. If they find happiness in those paths then good for them and I wish them the best of luck. As far as I am concerned it is their karma and their Jiva’s are not ready to experience truth as laid out in the shastras. My opposition lies in those who wish to take up a buffet style path and then try to align themselves with an established religion or path either out of guilt or longing to be something they can not grasp in full.

      I must point out a few things in your stance for the clarification of those reading.

      Firstly, I must stress to the readers what Togu stated:

      “And please note, what was found at Qumran do not reveal everything about the Essenes.”

      Secondly, India being the birth place of Abraham is unsubstantiated conjecture at best. Tradition has that he was from Ur of the Chaldeans but modern scholastics show that this was probably a later interpolation during the Babylonian rule (as you alluded to Togu). Thus, we have no clue where he is from. Etymologically speaking his name is Semitic.

      Thirdly, Given the evidence there was not a link between India, the Levant and Egypt, at least not to any major degree. There was however a link between Greece, the Levant and Egypt. This makes more sense as this interaction of Greek philosophy, Egyptian mythos and Jewish mysticism gave way to Hermeticism. This not only better fits the underlying philosophy but also the time line better. Also add to the fact that Gnosticism evolved from this and the works of Thomas are considered Christian Gnostic texts then you actually have a less fantastical and believable series of events and a plausible theory to be taken into India by Thomas. I can go with this view happily.

      “It was the non-Essene Jews (from Babylon) who did the job of eliminating the evidences from their Scriptures.”

      While I agree that certainly some changes took place such as the actual birth place of Abram. Do not get caught in the habit of using this as a catch all to argue your points. While as an archaeologist I realise that lack of evidence is just as important as evidence that must be weighed, also understand that conjecture is not evidence and is easily dismissed in Scholastic circles.

      In respect to the Essenes, I find it quite facinating on how you have such a complete picture of them though 99% of Biblical Scholars and Archaeologists are still scratching their heads about not only who they were but what they believed and there are a lot of theories. Granted I have not read anything on the Essenes in about 5 years, but a quick jaunt in google land makes me believe that nothing really substantial has been found on this subject since then, though I am open to be wrong on this matter.

      Fact is the best description we have on the Essenes comes from Flavius Josephus. He states the Essenes as one of the three sects of Judaism alongside the Pharisees and the Sadducees. He goes into details such as they had a commitment to a strict observance of the Sabbath were pius, ritually bathed everyday and gave up all worldly possessions. Never the less they were Jewish with possible Gnostic or Hermetic ties as they were all known for teaching in Hermetic style parables like Jesus did.

      Anyway, I believe I have said what I wanted to say. Best of luck in your spiritual; pursuits I wish you well. I will no longer take my time to go into this any deeper as I feel my base ideas have been expressed.


    • @Togu,

      Why can’t your loving GOD attract people with his original teaching in his white Dress without deception , wearing a Saffron colour attire , having OM above his head.. why he needs Hinduism and it’s concept to show himself off as a GOD .
      //The Marga of Masih is Sanathana Dharma, but not as taught in Hindu religion, or the Christian religion either.

      The Marga of Masih, will lead a jival soul to Heaven and to Moksha, liberation. If they will apply Jnana in the study of the Books of Moses, the Gospel of Matthew, the Epistle of St. James, the Didache, the Gospel and acts of Thomas,and the study and reflection on the words of Sundar Singh.

      If they will apply Karma Yoga in the living of the Didache.

      If they will apply Bhakti Yoga in their selfless devtion to and walk with Sri Yeshu Masin at all times. Remember at all times that He is with us.

      If they will apply Raja Yoga in their meditation and contemplation of the His Word and His Teachings in real time.

      That is the Way the reveals the Truth with leads to Eternal Life and brings a Jiva soul to the Father.//
      WTF is this ? if you are talking about “Karma Yoga/ Bhakti Yoga/ Raja Yoga Etc. why don’t you follow Krishna…..
      This is a new technique ? for converting Hindus? , here again the same BS… “Through Him you will attain Shanti”

  9. To Kodanda,

    Okay, I misunderstood what you meant by the “you” part in your last post.

    No one is going to use me as ammunition to attack you or any Hindu. Also, I am a Hindu and I will continue professing to be a Hindu. Did I say anything about keeping Jesus on my altar? No! Also, what is this about doing a dervish dance sky clad to Diana? I have no intention of doing that either. And don’t you dare tell me not to call myself a Hindu! I am a Hindu and I will cotinue being thus for the rest of my life.

    And lastly, I have no guilt what so ever about converting to Hinduism. I am happy to be in that vast ocean called Hinduism.

    I told you previously that while I disagree with it, I understand why you say that pictures of Jesus should not be kept on an altar next to Hindu deities.

    ie: In Hinduism, one is free to worship God in multiple forms (With the acception of ISKCON. They tell devotees to only worship Krishna and Rama and that Ganesha, Shiva, Durga, Kali etc are “demigods”). Whereas in Christianity, one is not free to do so. Christians of other denominations condemn Catholic Christians for praying to the Virgin Mary and the Saints! They also condemn Muslims and Jews even though the Muslims and Jews worship the same god as Christians do. This is because Jews and Muslims do not consider Jesus as the Son of God. Jews say the Messiah is still yeat to come, Muslims consider Jesus as a Messiah but not as Gods Son. Rather they say He is a messanger.

    So it is not only non Christians who fundamentalist Christians attack. They even attack Christians who are more lax in their beliefs and tolerant of other religions.

    As for Buddhism, I have seen it debated in many circles. Many Buddhists do not believe in God while others do believe in God. Some say God does exist in Buddhism while others say He does not exist. Mahayana Buddhists and some Therevada Buddhists worship various Gods and Goddesses, many of them of Hindu origin while most of the Theravada Buddhist don’t worship Gods. One Theravada Buddhist lady told me that she believes that when Buddhists worship Buddha, they are already worshipping the Gods.

  10. “No one is going to use me as ammunition to attack you or any Hindu. Also, I am a Hindu and I will continue professing to be a Hindu.”

    GREAT! I wish you all the best in your journey!

    On your second point, why do you keep taking what I say as a personal attack on YOU. I already stated my you’s were a global, general and external “you”. Trust me I make no bones about it, everyone in our little circle of bloggers know I am up front, mean what I say and say what I mean and if it was personal and directed at you I would say it. Not to hurt nor harm but to understand, give alternate views and advice, nothing more. Also beinf the more orthodox in my views amongst our circle of friends I like giving the herder line so people can really experience the depth and wide range of Sanatana Dharma even through the western community. Are my views always right? of course not and I am open to my interpretation.

    I must also state that I am not a Hare Krishna, but a Sri Vaishnava.

  11. Kodanda,

    Thank you for clarifying that. I understand you are expressing your views and that you are not making attacks on me or anyone.

    >>Satan, Aliens(Scientology) and the Flying Spaghetti Monster<>I am not a Hare Krishna, but a Sri Vaishnava<<

    I am a Shakta-Shaiva but I also worship Lord Vishnu and His Avatars. 🙂

  12. ^

    …Satan, Aliens (Scientology) and the Flying Spaghetti Monster…

    That’s funny! LOL! xD

  13. See I’m not THAT bad of a guy 😉

    • You are a great devotee of Sanatana Dharma! 😀

      What is your take on Buddhism and their view of God? You may have seen what I said earlier in regards to Buddhism. Now let’s hear your views! 🙂

  14. As they say in North Carolina:

    “I’m gonna let sleepin dawgs lie”



    see this , first they will copy everything from Hinduism. After some time they will say , Hinduism copied everything from xianity. Nut cases.

  16. Hello Kodanda,
    do you assume that you know everything there is about ancient cultures/religious communities?
    If mainstream scholars on Judaism do not know everything about Essenes, why do you take their words as authoritative?
    These are the facts concerning Essenes : there were various streams of Essenes, the Qumranist was one of them.
    The Essenes did not disappear; after Rome’s attack on Judea, they dispersed to many areas outside Israel.
    Yeshua (or Jesus) was an Essene, raised in an Essene family who took part in the Qumran Covenant, and His mission was to teach the Essene Way of life to the larger Jewish community.
    The first century “church” that was established in Jerusalem was NOT a Christian entity, but a continuation of the Essene Qumran community. Christianity is a product of gentile followers of Messiah.
    The Essenes were the most open among the Jews to discern Truth and the presence of God among non-Jewish religions.

  17. @S
    your link to the “theory” that st. Thomas history is a hoax is as silly as the statement made by Indian Christian theologians that the Bhagawad Gita is a Hindu re-working of the gospel of John.

    About the Thomasine Yeshubhakti, they have existed in India since first century, before the Christian version of the faith of Sri Yeshu came. The Essene faith (in which the Thomasine Yeshubhakti is deeply rooted) never assume the superiority of the Hebrew/Jewish culture. Thus its followers are free to live out their Faith within their own culture. Regarding the OM mantra, Essenes always seek Divine Guidance and Revelation in establishing a certain religious practice, whether new or adopted from another faith. We do not practice syncretism, a blending of incompatible beliefs. The inclusion of “OM” is based on Divine Guidance.

    Apostle Thomas was a close relative of Sri Yeshu and had a face similar to Him. He lived a sadhu lifestyle. And yes, we have Essene Sadhus living in India, just as there are Essene Buddhist monks living in Tibet.

    Maybe you don’t know this, but there are many sadhus who are followers of Sri Yeshu, a modern example is Sadhu Sundar Singh who lived in early 20th century.

  18. @Togu ,
    Growup man , Yes we all know Thiruvalluvar was also a christian. whole India was a christian country when Thomas was in India. Read this below link also .

    I don’t know when you people will wake up and stop believing DJ

    [Tandava: Anyone reading this comment in isolation must follow the link to see where ‘S’ is going with this]

  19. @Togu ,

    I need to thank you for giving me all these information. 🙂

    about “Sadhu Sundar Singh ”
    On his sixteenth birthday, he was publicly baptised as a Christian in the parish church in Simla, in the Himalayan foothills. Prior to this he had been staying at the Christian Leprosy Home at Sabathu, near Simla, serving the leprosy patients there.

    In October 1906, he set out on his journey as a new Christian, wearing a turban and the yellow robe of a Hindu sadhu, an ascetic devoted to spiritual practice. Singh viewed himself as a sadhu, albeit one within Christianity rather than Hinduism because he realized Christianity could not penetrate India unless it was in an Indian way.

    At these and at other times Singh was said to have been rescued by members of the “Sunnyasi Mission” — secret disciples of Jesus wearing their Hindu markings, whom he claimed to have found all over India.

    This Christian GUY was noting but , as you people say …
    “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” trying to convert Hindus showing off as a Hindu Saint..

    This is another GEM from Sri Yeshu Masih a Hindu GOD ….
    //The Final Word on the Concept of Reincarnation
    “Reincarnation is not real.

    It is a false teaching, a delusion.

    People do not return to this world in a new body as taught by some people.

    Transmigration refers to the fully realised atman being brought into the human world for a specific mission, goal or purpose related to divine matters, as in the Will of Godhead.” – Sri Yeshu Masih//

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