Thanks to my wife for support

I just wanted to make a short post to thank my wife for all the support that she has given me. She puts up with my fasting on pradosh, though it is disruptive of her menu planning.

All I could have reasonably have asked of her was understanding and tolerance of my spiritual path but she has done much more. She has chosen to accompany me on my spiritual journey, so that we can find God together. She is truly my spiritual companion.

3 responses to “Thanks to my wife for support

  1. Good job on this site.

  2. Great, congrats, please start reciprocating the debt in every way you can. From Working harder to make her material life better to mundane doing the dishes whenever you can. A good wife is indispensable for a happy and peaceful life. A proactive mechanism in place on debt clearance and also earning credits in advance assures continuity of the grace that is offered.. The benevolence may not go on forever, it simply has to be earned, its a 2way street..Thanks.

  3. Dear Tandav, a woman and a man may have different spiritual path. But husband and wife, they are seen as 2 different people in west. While Bharatiya concept is ‘ARDHA NARISWARA’ SANKALPA. 2 half of same person. So our spiritual journey is incomplete without spouse.
    Congratz for getting ur support.

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